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In this age of fast-paced lives, time is an essential commodity, which needs to be managed smartly. Titan Raga re-imagines time in a bold, new way for the confident woman of today. Keeping the modern woman’s sartorial choices in mind, this fun new range of watches combines Raga’s legacy of creating stunning timepieces with Masaba’s dose of quirk! Who says traditional can’t be fun? Who says quirky can’t be elegant? Who says old can’t be new? Inspired by all things quintessentially Indian, this collection enters the realm of imagination and wonder to put a fairytale spin on your style statement.


Taking a cue from the Artisanal wonder of Indian Architecture, the engraved Heritage Pillar watch is an amalgamation of a timeless era and modern art.


The quirky fish design is reminiscent of the graceful ebullience of a woman. Its effervescent round dial adorned with dancing fishes is for the modern woman who believes in living her fairy tales.


Inspired from the ornate columns of ancient architecture comes a design crafted for the elegant Woman. Graceful and Dainty, the engraved motif hugs the wrist for a chic feminine look.


The swaying fishes clink against the metallic mesh to create a rhythmic sound as you walk, reminiscent of the calming properties of water.


The sophistication of subtle tan leather is gracefully combined with the quirk of contemporary in this delicate piece with an intricate accented dial that speaks to the woman of today.


Inspired by the arts and myths of our heritage is the Wandered Elephant. Symbolic of Grace and Strength the Elephant motif is the apt Epitome of the Woman that it adorns.

There are intricate patterns inspired by heritage pillars to wrap around your wrists, or cute Indian elephants marching on the band of your watch. From whimsical shooting stars to effervescent dancing fishes – you can take your pick from a range that marries the elegance of Titan Raga with the edginess of Masaba to create a style that’s fierce and feminine. From adding a touch of whimsy to your work wear to glamming up your occasion wear, these watches can work wonders for the style-conscious women’s chic looks. With 11 unique pieces to choose from, each timepiece is a statement that speaks for itself. Comfortably priced between 7995/- and 14995/-, here’s a collection that can make Time stand still. So, start #ticking and set people #talking with your own arm candy from this edgy new range!

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