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The bright warm sun, and even brighter clothes to wear; what’s not to love about the Indian summer? But once in a while, you need a break from all the heat, and just ‘chill’. That’s where winters come in! For winters give the chance to get all warm and comfy in a blanket, or snuggle up with your loved ones over a cup of hot chocolate. It also gives all the chance to finally bring out all your beautiful woollens, carefully stocked up in their wardrobes, and turn up the heat every time you step out. Here’s a guide to help you pair your comfortable winter activities with a little bit of glamour:


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Nothing like a warm lunch:
Getting too cold for date nights? Go on a fun lunch rendezvous instead! Time to take out those long cardigans, and pair them with your blue denims. Slip on some velvet boots, and throw on a stole on top, and you’re good to go! But wait, have you got a maroon coloured watch? If not, then go get one; it’ll go well with all your cardigans!


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Make going out in the cold worth it:
However, some special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays are all about celebrating into the night. Throw together a red woollen full-turtleneck dress with a French beanie to cover up from the cold air. If you’re looking to add some bling, go for gold! There’s nothing better that complements the warm tones of winter dressing than some plain gold jewellery. Don’t forget about the legs; pull up some skin colour stockings and protect yourself from the cold.


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A memorable day among the monuments:
Winters are the perfect time to pay our historic monuments a visit. In the summers, the blazing sun overhead restrains from being ‘Dora the Explorer’. For a winter explorer look, pair up tight fit jeans with a tank top and a warm cosy jacket. If you start up early morning, get some colourful woollen gloves along with any kind of beanie or trapper hat. Don’t forget to carry a backpack with winter cream, and a thermos of hot coffee!


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Tour the city in style:
The warm winter sun is perfect to go exploring around the city. Take a break from shopping, and instead take a tour of your city, and get up-close and personal with it. While you’re at it, make a style statement with a long coat, or a poncho, with a slim-fit black jean. Comfy loafers, tote bags, and a trendy pair of sunglasses are a must for long walks. If you’re really in the mood, grab your beret, and look like a show-stopper.


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Throw a house party:
“It’s too cold!” should never be an excuse to not have your dose of weekend fun. Throw a house party instead, or go on a movie marathon with your friends on your laptop. Don’t let staying at home deter you from going glam. Put on a dress with stockings and some chunky jewellery. Or you could go for a loose black palazo with a nice white cardigan to go on top. Finish the look with some silver earrings.

Styling up in winter is all about bringing practicality and fashion together. After all, no one ever said dressing warmly was supposed to be boring! All those accessories of yours are waiting; begging to be paired with all those clothes in your wardrobe. Bring your A-game on, mix and match, and look a different-you every day.

Winter is coming; are you prepared?

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