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Sometime in the 1880s, time moved from large clocks in the squares and market places to a person’s wrist. And when it did, a huge revolution was at the forefront. Soldiers were required to wear wrist watches as a part of their military equipment, and women found a new accessory called a wristlet – a novel concept of attaching a clock to a bracelet. While some considered it a passing fad, the wrist watch has only evolved across the ages with new and improved variations.

A Brief Look at Titan Over Time
In the Indian diaspora, Titan is more than just a brand – a pioneer in watchmaking; a legacy that reflects history. In 1987, when Indian consumers commonly used mechanical watches, Titan was the only watchmaker to be entirely driven by the quartz technology. Through their expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, Titan made waves by positioning the watch as a signature statement – a trend that quickly caught up and continues to exist.
A watch today is more than just a necessity. As India’s premier watchmaker, Titan has played many parts in the lives of its consumers. Over the years, it has become a favourite gifting accessory, especially during important milestones such as graduations, weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. In short, Titan has become a memento bearing emotional and functional values.

Titan Raga

Many Needs, One Watchmaker
Today, Titan’s legacy still holds strong. Its unparalleled presence with 60% of the organized market share is a result of effectively catering to a wide-spread audience Titan Raga for women houses a range of contemporary and ethnic watches that are elaborate in aesthetic and versatile in style. The Raga collection is encased in interesting options such as silver and rose gold, with a Mother of Pearl dial. For the men folk, Titan Automatic offers a collection of high-end analogue watches that spot a classic look. With Titan JUXT, the brand has pushed boundaries yet again by foraying into the market with smart watches. Zoop by Titan, is a popular line of fun watches for children.


Leave Your Legacy Behind
While watches are used for its functionality, a Titan takes your experience up a notch. For patrons of the brand, buying a Titan is not just about acquiring a watch. It’s about making a memory by capturing the moment. It’s about defining who you are through the choice of elegant designs. It’s about being a part of history and reminiscing an evolution that only continues to progress.
Have you acquired your Titan yet? If not, the time is now. Choose from a wide range of options and take advantage of the splendid discounts available. Your time-piece is just a click away. Tick-tock.

Happy shopping!

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