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The Movember Foundation had started the campaign for men growing moustaches in November in order to create awareness about men’s health issue including prostrate and testicular cancer. But over the last few years, it has caught on as a fashion phase with men who enjoy growing stylish moustaches during this month in the name of Movember. What most people don’t know is that Movember is all about moustaches, while No Shave November is for the ones who love to grow beards. So you can support whichever campaign upholds your preferred style of facial hair growth, and say no to razors this month. But did you know that your moustache can speak volumes about your personality? Just go to the moustache style you like or have, and we’ll tell you what it says about you!

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The Handlebar

This bold and stylish moustache is not for the faint-hearted. This thick, upward-curling ‘stache takes time to grow and needs proper grooming. If you are the proud owner of one, then you are most probably not someone stuck to a 9 to 5 job. Your bohemian soul finds happiness in adventure, music, art. Your ‘mo’ perfectly complements your hipster style and is a treasure you might flaunt well beyond November too!

The Horseshoe

Hulk Hogan rocked this ‘stache in a blonde and bold way, and you need to have guts to do the same! If you carry this style off confidently, then you are someone who doesn’t give a damn about “what will people say”. This thick moustache, which curves vertically downwards till your chin, lends you rough & tough vibes that can help you through tricky situations. Care well for your ‘mo’ and pull it off like a pro!

The Pencil

A sophisticated, thin, well-trimmed moustache, this style is preferred by the suave gentleman. You are classiness personified. You swear by your well-cut suits and polished-to-perfection oxford shoes. Not one to take no for an answer, you make for an efficient and well-obeyed boss. Your passion for precision is reflected in the way you keep that ‘stache groomed and trimmed to its pencil-thin perfection. Keep it stylish and elegant to make an impression wherever you go!

The English

It’s bushy, yet well-styled. It’s bold, yet traditional. It’s classic, yet cool. A man who sports this ‘stache loves to stick to his roots. You embrace modern concepts, but without letting go of your traditional values. You are passionate about things that are close to your heart, and have the patience & perseverance for seeing things through. Loyalty is one of your many virtues, and pets (specially dogs) might find a lovable home with you. Maintain this marvellous moustache, because you are most likely to take it forward way beyond Movember!


In celebration of Movember or No-Shave November (whichever campaign you support), we bring to you watch styles that’ll suit your personality and your facial follicle! So, choose your moustache or beard and sport accessories that’ll complement your look for the month!


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