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As the world is progressing towards bigger cities, greater inventions and technological advancement, Mother Nature is dying a slow death. Hence, it’s very important for each one of us to create some greenery in our surroundings – even if it means a small little terrace garden! Due to the hand in hand growth of pollution and the population count, these terrace gardens provide a burst of freshness and beauty in the widespread cemented jungles. They not only elevate the appearance of your houses, but also are highly beneficial to our environment. You can peacefully sip your morning tea or your evening coffee sitting on an armchair amongst this green backdrop. But as good as it sounds; it’s not an easy task to maintain your own terrace garden. So, here are some tips to make your own bit of greenery a positive contribution to the betterment of this planet.

soil terrace garden

Getting the soil right

Good soil forms a sustainable base for your little patch of green. The correct type of soil is of absolute importance in order for the plants to grow well. The right mix of regular soil, compost and vermin-compost all in equal proportions supply the adequate nutrients for the lkively growth of plants. Adding compost to the pot every week helps the soil to regain back the nutrients and the plants to grow in a regular healthy cycle. So, understand the qualities of the soil that your plants need and make sure you create a strong foundation for your natural friends.

watering plants terrace garden

Ticking the requirements

Plants have some essentials to take care of that need to be ticked off the gardening list. Adequate sunlight is at the top of the list for plants and your terrace garden needs at least four to six hours of direct sunlight. A very important thing to note is to accommodate a shade for those areas that receive harsh sunlight. Also, regular watering is a must – from two times during the summer to once during the winters and none during heavy rains. Last but not the least; a proper drainage system is highly is indispensible as even a slight blockage can harm the plants.

decor terrace garden

Visual appeal

Well, just as important the growth and blooming of plants is, the decor and the display are equally essential. Lighting is a crucial aspect and terracotta lamps or hanging lights or fairy lights makes the garden come alive at night. Incorporating smooth pebbles and stones in different shapes and sizes for a natural, rustic look of the garden gives it a quaint charm. You can also include a glass aquarium or a mini water tank to add to the beauty of it all. In case of ornamental plants, you can choose shrubs with colourful flowers or even short, hybrid versions of palm trees as they lend a much needed tropical touch to your terrace. Indulge in DIY planters, rustic décor and bohemian touches to make the terrace garden your own bit of paradise.

vegetable plants terrace garden

Make it your kitchen garden

Well, you can almost grow anything and everything on a terrace garden. Starting from easy plants like chillies, tomatoes, cabbages, lime, coriander etc. to fruit bearing trees like guava, banana etc. anything can be grown in your own personal patch of green. If you are a first-time gardener, then start with a single vegetable and then expand gradually. If you are interested in growing organic vegetables, you can also try your hand at preparing your own compost using waste veggies. It serves as perfect manure which is also cheap and eco-friendly.


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