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Summertime means holidays and once the much-awaited holidays are over, it’s time to go back to school again! New school or college sessions call for new bags, new books and a whole lot of exciting new stationery that make you look forward to the new school year with much zest. Buy the brand new watch for your kid from the coolest collection of watches for boys at Titan online store and make your kid’s special day more special. So much so, that the kids get spoilt for choice as to what to get for their new school year in order to impress their friends! This year, the students can choose the fun new stuff you want to take back to school according to their personality!

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The Bookworm

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time for the nerdy kids who look forward to perusing all their new bunch of books and learning new things every day! A bookworm by heart and a geek by soul, these kids need a minimalistic yet useful bag that’ll hold all his books & stationeries together, so that they can bury their heads into a book of their choice even while on the school bus or during lunch break. A simple & practical analog watch serves their timekeeping purpose as they rush from class to class or try to stick to their own homework schedule!

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The Music Aficionado

Children, who have an inclination for all things melodious, eagerly await the music classes at school as much as their private music tuitions afterwards. They mostly are learning to play a musical instrument – be it the guitar or the drums – and need a bright bag that can not only carry their textbooks, but have extra space to carry their music notes & song notations along. Music provides happiness to their little souls, so they will like all their school gear to be vibrant, including a neon-hued digital watch that will help them make sure they don’t miss their after-school music lessons.

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The Curious Cat

Some youngsters have an undying curiosity in everything around them and they are most eager to go back to school so that they can hold more experiments in the laboratory or do more sleuthing with friends. They would love to start the new school session with a bag that doesn’t look like a regular backpack and has hidden compartments for their various knick-knacks. On the other hand, a fun watch with the print of nautical elements will appeal to their adventurous soul and they can happily keep nosing around unknown nooks & corners without having to worry about missing the school bus!

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The Sporty Spirit

Kids who have the sporty streak in them love the school playground more than the classrooms and can’t wait to go back to them! They can’t wait for the recess bell to ring so that they can go have a game of badminton with their friends, while after school, they can’t wait to rush to their football or skateboard practice session! The best kind of bags for these kids are ones that come with utility pockets and lots of space – so that they can pack in their sports jerseys & sneakers along with their school stuff, if necessary. Also, a cool & funky sport-themed watch can easily make sure they don’t get late for their post-school practice sessions!

With all these cool merchandise, the new school year is sure to start with a bang for all young people out there! Here’s looking forward to a fun, exciting and knowledgeable school session ahead!


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