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Father’s Day is around the corner and just like before Mother’s Day, you all are gearing up to try to make it special for the “main man” of your life! Of course, you all love your fathers all year round, but in your busy schedule; you hardly get a chance to show it. So, on this day, you let your dad know how special he is! Try to get him a thoughtful gift as a way of saying ‘Thank You’ for all that he has ever done for you! If you really want to impress your old man, get him a gift that would put a smile on his face and tears (of joy) in his eyes. Make it thoughtful, meaningful and something that he’ll remember for years to come!


On his watch

Your dad has never said no to any of your whims & fancies. He has given you anything you ever wanted – irrespective of whether it’s your want or your need. But, he has seldom allowed himself the luxury of frivolity. He is happy with everything that caters to his basic needs, including that one formal watch that he wears to office – and everywhere else – every day!
So, it’s time to get him a trendy new watch that he can flaunt at parties. Or you can also pick a cool smart watch from a collection of mens wrist watches for him to wear to casual occasions with his favourite denim & tees. You can also gift him a classy formal watch with a different coloured dial or strap than the one he owns. Then, he can wear that to work for a change sometimes! This precious gift will not only make him feel loved, but also make him think of you whenever he checks the time!

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Wallet wonders

Being the main bread-earner of your family, your dad pays all the bills. Be it for the monthly grocery or your mom’s TV subscription or your new clothes – it all comes out of his wallet. His poor old wallet is his most-used accessory as it bears the brunt of all that money coming in and going out daily. And even though your dad has been meaning to buy himself a new wallet, his own need has always been overshadowed by those of his loved ones & his family. So why not get your father a sturdy new wallet on this Dad’s Day? Wallets are useful, handy and one of the most important accessories for men. Your papa will surely love to put his shiny new 2000 rupees bills in his trendy new wallet and maybe he’ll take you guys shopping just in order to show off his new possession!

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Perfume power

Certain people have an undying passion for certain things and your father might be one of those ardent perfume aficionados who love to use different kinds of fancy fragrances. Fresh aquatic fragrances rejuvenate his mind, while intense musky perfumes make him feel strong & confident. If he’s someone who’s always thinking of which fragrance to add to his kitty next, then this is the best opportunity to help him extend his collection! Gift him a perfume that he has been on the lookout for. Or get him a fragrance which he was planning to buy soon, and you’ll be dazzled by his million dollar smile! You can even even get him a new popular perfume to try out! Or maybe restock one of his classic favorites that he has recently run out of! Every spritz will remind him of your thoughtful gift and put a smile to his lips to go with his entrancing fragrance!

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What’s more, you can also give your dad the #GiftOfHealth this Father’s Day! Just make purchases worth Rs. 5000 or above from Titan website and your dad can get a fully paid Wellness M health test from Thyrocare! Offer valid till today, so hurry!


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