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To receive a gift is a wonderful feeling. It’s even more delightful when it comes to you as a surprise you would never expect.


Titan has always cared and brought joy into thousands of lives in India. This year we wanted to do something different, and so, we set up a SECRET SANTA page on our website. This gave our online customers an opportunity to play Secret Santa to someone less privileged than them.


Reigning in the Christmas spirit of Joy and Giving, our campaign turned out to be a huge success. We received a total of 71 Gift items ranging from watches and bags from brands such as Zoop, Fastrack and Sonata. These gift items along with some lip smacking sweets were then distributed to the high school kids at Shishu Mandir, a school affiliated by Titan, located at KR Puram on Thursday, 5th Jan 2017. The kids put up a few performances for us and it definitely turned out to be a day to remember.




Only a few things can put a smile on another person’s face, and if you’re the reason behind it, there’s no greater joy that that! Let us open our eyes, hearts, and mind to the plights of those in need. Shishu Mandir is always open to volunteers who can spare some time and impart some of their talent to the children residing in the school. It could range anything from arts, dramatics, public speaking to Robotics! If interested, you may contact us for further details.

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