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“I have enough jewellery”, said no woman ever. For if there is something as eternal as diamonds, it’s the love women have for them. This time, it’s all about working women who walk their talk. Women who decide what accessories to wear every morning before anything else. Who believe life is just too boring without some jewellery in it. After all, there’s nothing wrong in looking your best when you’re out shattering the glass ceiling. So, here’s a celebration of all the strong independent women out there, with a few tips to keep their jewellery glittering and dazzling, just like them:

Keep your friends close, and your earrings closer:

Earrings are one of the most delicate pieces of accessories. They often get misplaced easily, or get damaged amongst your dressing table clutter. Instead of rummaging around in a box, organise them with the help of a weekly pill-box. You could also use all those extra buttons from your clothes to keep your studs together. Cardboard egg-trays and even ice trays can be used as some quirky-yet-neat storage solutions.

Get quirky with those bangles and watches:

Bangles and watches are accessories that are worn every day. Be it a casual Sunday, or a day at the office, or just a lunch-date with a friend, they are a crucial part of any woman’s daily attire. To rummage through boxes every morning is just too cumbersome and boring. Get creative! A cylindrical object like that used wine-bottle makes a perfect stand to put them on. A makeshift stand made from clothes-hangers is another great way to view all of them at one go. Best part? It works great for your anklets as well.

Keep your bling game on:

Rings and necklaces bring all the dazzle when it comes to jewellery. Keep them safe by keeping them separate. Go DIY! Use an old sweets-box and some paper napkins to make a ring-organizer. A spool separator works great too; else you can buy a hand-shaped ring holder. For necklaces, that old forgotten key holder becomes a blessing in disguise.

More than meets the eye:

Who says eyewear can’t up the glam quotient? A snazzy pair of sunglasses can make an entire look. For people who wear eyeglasses every day, they know how a stylish pair can make all the difference. Give your eyewear the respect it deserves. If you have several options to choose from every morning, go for accessibility with some hangers. Else, you can use a mirror as a tray to put all your trendy eyewear as this doubles up as a dazzling exhibition-piece in your bedroom.

Say goodbye to scratches:

Scratches and smudges are a nightmare when it comes to your jewellery. Lining up storage boxes with soft, velvety materials helps a lot. If the damage is already done, let chemistry come to the rescue! A therapy of detergent solution in an aluminium-lined bowl can bring sparkle to your silver. For your solid gold, beer works as an excellent cleaning agent. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about your gemstones and pearls: a glass of club soda and some toothpaste can work wonders for them.

After all, all it takes is one little thing that can make you feel unique. Let that little thing be your jewellery. For there’s nothing that speaks more about you than the jewellery you wear. So, keep your jewellery clean, safe, and organised, and then sit back, and let it work its magic.

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