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When Christmas and New Year celebrations arrive with the much-awaited seasonal sales in tow – it’s time to go on a shopping spree. Get busy picking vogue outfits for all the festive gatherings, potluck dinners and New Year parties. Of course, seasonal hols are a busy time and shopping at stores, wading through piles of clothes for the right fit and style will leave you at your wit’s end. To maintain your sanity and make the most of the seasonal sales, shop online. Here are a few handy tips on how to make a bang for your buck.

Audit your wardrobe
First things first, take an account of your clothes. Browsing through the cupboard can give you a good idea of what it’s missing. Remember that pretty skirt you’ve never worn because you don’t have the right crop top to pair it with? Or that pair of track pants you keep forgetting to buy? Make a list of everything important so that you’re prepared for the big sale.

An early bird catches the worm

Online shopping can be very exciting. It’s like a treasure hunt. You never know when the next big discount or flash sale pops up. It’s unpredictable and if you’re not prepared, you just might miss a really tiny window of opportunity. So, sign up to newsletters from your favourite brands and sites. Make sure that your mobile receives the latest notifications and updates.

Always buy the essentials first
It’s quite tempting to buy everything you like, but hold back or you may buy new clothes and accessories that you don’t need and worse, end up not buying what’s important. So, go by the list. Another smart move is to add products to your virtual ‘wish list’. This lets your buy faster when that flash sale hits.

Hunt for the sweetest deal

Finding the best deal is hard, especially if the same product is available on multiple shopping platforms. By the time you alternate between different sites, comparing prices, it’ll be gone. Enter MySmartPrice – an app that displays the best price points for products across various shopping portals. Discounts aren’t limited to shopping sites. Making payments through certain banks can also land you a good discount. Other payment getaways such as Paytm are popular for their cashback deals.

Buy for the next season

Winter wear isn’t going to be on sale during the winters. So what do you do? You go easy on the woollens and instead, stock yourself with shorts, swimsuits and tees that are on sale. This way you buy more for less and stay prepared for the next summers well in advance.

Go high-end
For big discounts, turn your eyes to the big brands. This is the best time of the year to engage with luxury shopping. Stock up on leather accessories and bags in particular. Pick something in your favourite colour, such as a clutch for evening parties and a tote bag for regular use. This is that time of the year when quality products are served at a lean price, so make it count!

We hope you put these ideas to good use and grab yourself the best deals in town. Here’s to a fantabulous seasonal sale!

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