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You might not have thought about it but perfumes are a pivotal part of your wardrobe, a magical olfactory flourish to your outfit – and even, personality! Sure, by now you have your favorite scent figured, but have you thought about how building and wearing your perfume collection might be an art in itself? Sounds intriguing? Here’s how you can create a versatile and ‘spell-binding’ perfume collection that’ll make heads turn! 


Smell With A Point Of View

A good fragrance ignites your mind & rejuvenates your senses. We each tend to be partial to one specific scent. You may love refreshing aqua scents, while your spouse might have a thing for sweet fruity fragrances! Finding your signature scent is important for you to understand what compliments your body & personality. Do you reach for a particular perfume again & again? Investigate (and appreciate) the notes it carries and think about which ingredients resonate the most with your senses – musky or floral or woody, perhaps. Wear it for a while so you can see how it changes with time and your body chemistry. Still like it at the end of the day?

You’ve found your signature scent!


Mix Your Scents – Creative Tweaking

Akin to your favourite dress, a perfume is complete design in itself – a wonderful and careful composition designed of harmonious elements. And yet, just like that dress, it can benefit greatly from being layered with the right plumes. Let us tell you, it is completely ok to build on a perfume, individualise it, experiment with it. Additional elements can make perfumes richer and more enduring, or even change their character completely. Spice and citrus. Florals and wood. Florals and spice. Musk and citrus. As a rule of thumb, apply the heavier scent first and layer it up with a lighter one. When both your scents share a common note — a citrus note, lets say — it’s more likely that the combination will be a perfect match.

Try out new combinations for different occasions. You can go for a fruity-floral combination for a Sunday brunch or flaunt a musky-floral fragrance for a formal evening event. Of course, it also does mean your perfume collection can now be worn in endless ways!

‘Note’ This Down

Simple things to remember that will help you master the art of perfume keeping.

  • Use a light hand and be mindful of proportions.
  • Don’t forget the fragrance in your other skincare products, they will contribute to the ultimate scent too.
  • Apply different fragrances to different areas—the heavier ones on pulse points, the lighter ones on hair and clothes—so that they work in harmony but don’t directly compete.
  • Store your perfume bottles should always be stored at a consistent temperature, away from heat, direct light & humidity to help them last a long time.

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