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Fashionable trends and new styles might come and go, but there are some wardrobe staples in every man & woman’s closet which are there forever. These classic pieces never go out of style, so they fast become your go-to favorites while dressing up. But, once in a while, you might feel like wearing staples like a white shirt of a denim jacket is making you mix in with the crowd, rather than stand out in style. We are here with some tips on how to style your favorite wardrobe classics in such a way that you make them look more stylish than even the popular trends at the moment!


white shirt Titan watch classic look

Men Watch women Watch

White Wonder

There’s nothing as elegant and effortless as a crisp white shirt. Be it on a Monday morning when you are running late for work, or on a special day when you have the job interview of your dreams, the classic white shirt never fails to impress. But why wear it as predictably as your colleague sitting in the next cubicle? Give a twist to your white shirt look by pairing it with unconventional bottoms like navy chinos for guys or an olive green pencil skirt for women. You can also wear it to a coffee date, tucked into your ripped denims for a smart casual look. The most effortless way to spruce up your white shirt look? Just pair it with a classic tan leather-banded watch and take the workplace by storm!


blue denim Titan watch Fastrack bag classic look

Men Watch Women Denim

Denim Dash

Who doesn’t love their worn-in denims as the most used go-to piece of clothing in their closet? Denims are your BFFs, your lifesavers and your all-time favourite picks for any season, look or occasion. But this wardrobe basic can be given a style upgrade by wearing a bold denim-on-denim look that’ll make you stand out in the ubiquitous denim-loving crowd. Be the blue-eyed boy in head-to-toe denim, just breaking the monotony with a white tee and a trendy watch. Women can go for a double, or even triple, denim look, accessorizing the outfit with a snazzy bag and pop-hued heels! Take these looks anywhere – from the coffee shop to a movie date – to turn heads in style!


Plaid shirt Titan watch Fastrack bag classic look

Plaid shirt Titan watch Fastrack bag classic look Plaid shirt Titan watch Fastrack bag classic look

Plaid Play

One piece of clothing that has been a wardrobe constant for both men & women is a plaid shirt – right from college days to weekend trips with family. A nice checked shirt has never let you down, whenever you’ve been on the lookout for a stylish, yet comfortable outfit. But it’s time to add a fun vibe to your go-to plaid shirt & denims look and spruce up your casual style! Girls can add a smart leather backpack to their favourite college outfit of a tartan shirt, denims shorts and quirky slip-ons, while guys can pair their plaid shirt & distressed jeans look with a trendy watch that’ll add to their style quotient. Check up on your style and give these casual must-haves in your wardrobe a new lease of life!


Little black dress Tanishq jewwellery classic look

casual Party

The LBD Look

Every fashion-conscious woman has at least one Little Black Dress in her wardrobe. This closet essential is as versatile as it is stylish – the right LBD can take you from work to play in an effortless twist of style! But, it’s equally necessary to make sure you wear your LBD in a way that is tad bit different from the rest, if you want to stand out in the crowd. The most effortless way to give your black dress a personal & unique touch is to pair it with stunning jewellery. Accessorize a black skater dress with a dainty gold pendant & nude pumps for a lunch date with the guy, or wear a sequinned black bodycon number with a bold red pout and statement diamond earrings for the most happening party in town!


Leather Love

Indian winters don’t call for very heavy woollens or coats, but every trend-loving person out there loves to flaunt a cool leather jacket in this season! Leather jackets are not only for rock-chic looks, but also lend an edge to any casual outfit. A trendy leather jacket is the perfect clothing to complement your stylish motorcycle and woo the girls. For women, it is the sign of your cool style statement. But, how to make sure your leather jacket look is more fashionable than others? Not to worry! Guys, just add a smart chronograph watch to your leather jacket, tee & denims look to take it up a notch higher on the style scale. A sleek & classy bag can be the ideal accessory for ladies to spruce up their black leather jacket, ripped jeans and booties outfit. Now, take them to movie dates or impromptu weekend trips with equal élan!


So, take out those classic closet essentials and wear them with refreshing new accessories to give them a new look! Now, these forever-popular styles won’t mean the same boring outfits as everyone else, but will make you stand out in the crowd!


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