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You all know of the saying “Health is wealth”, but do you give your health as much importance as you give your wealth? Mostly not. In our busy schedules and hectic life, we tend to take our health for granted – we ignore it, we abuse it and we don’t care for it enough. This Health Day, we want to help you understand that your health really is your wealth! That’s not only because medicines and doctors are expensive affairs, or because health insurance costs you more money than a healthy diet.It’s because it’s your body and nobody can take better care of it than yourself. And thanks to fitness band like the Fastrack Reflex, staying healthy just got easy, effortless and fun!

 Fastrack Reflex step count fitness bandWalk the talk

Being healthy and staying fit does not necessarily include long gym memberships or intense fitness routines. A simple activity like walking can be beneficial for your health. A daily brisk walk can help you maintain a healthy weight, while strengthening your heart and managing chronic conditions like cholesterol, high blood pressure & diabetes. Don’t forget to take your Fastrack Reflex whenever you are on the move, as it counts and notifies you of the number of steps taken, thus boosting you to walk more and more!

Fastrack Reflex exercise timer fitness band

Keep the time

Some days you might indulge in fitness activities will great zeal, while some days the lazy excuses get the better of you. This irregularity in your fitness schedule or even in your daily life can have an unhealthy effect on your body. The Fastrack Reflex keeps track of and shows you the time duration for which you have been active everyday so that you know when to start or stop. It also gives you a reminder & shakes you up when you have been inactive for a long time, thus making sure your routine doesn’t go haywire and you stay healthy & happy!

Fastrack Reflex calorie count

Feel the burn

When the whole world puts their tempting #foodgasm pictures all over social media, you also end up giving in to your foodie soul’s temptations. But one burger, one large fried and one glass of Coke down; your guilty conscience kicks in and you try to find out the easiest way to burn the calories! Your Fastrack Reflex counts the calories you burn and displays them so that you have something to feel good about as you journey back to a healthier body. Of course, you have to make sure you stick to a healthy diet daily and only indulge yourself on rare cheat days.

Fastrack Reflex distance calculate

Go the distance

If you are on a journey to achieve a healthy & fit body, you have to go the whole way and cannot give up halfway through. Similarly, make sure you go through with all your fitness activities till the end. When you take a walk or a jog, don’t take a shortcut and go for a longer route that’ll help you lose weight, give you an energy boost and keep you healthy. Your Fastrack Reflex, of course, will tell you the distance you have covered, thus morally boosting your enthusiasm and helping you keep track of your fitness routine.

Fastrack Reflex target progress

Track the progress

Of course, staying healthy is an on-going process that needs time and dedication on your part. Wealth might come & go, but your health is an indispensible aspect for a happy & successful life, so a healthy mind & body are your actual lifelong assets. Hence, it’s important to set a goal for your fitness regime, keeping in mind the status your health is in at the moment and what you want to achieve. The Fastrack Reflex keeps track of your progress and shows you the percentage of target achieved, thus egging you on towards better health and happiness!

So, get your hands on a Fastrack Reflex and embrace the smart way of staying healthy. Trust us, if you take care of your health, you’ll automatically stop spending money on medicines, treatments, beauty products, medical aids etc. and be wealthy in your own rights too! Whoever said “Health is wealth” sure knew what he was talking about!

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