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The modern woman is fashionable, fearless and fun. She is confident, she is independent and she breaks all stereotypes to show what equality really means. But in this day of rising social issues and scary crime statistics, it’s important that these women are well-connected to their loved ones at all times, so that they can chase their dreams without a worry! The all-new Titan WE is a smartwatch made for women that helps them connect, just with the click of a button. And this is one timepiece which you can rely on, in any kind of situation!

Titan WE smartwatch women black

Late night SOS

Taking the cab home after a gruelling day at the office is a common scenario for today’s working women. And thanks to projects and work pressure, it’s sometimes late night when you can finally make your way back home! On such a day (rather, night), if your car breaks down in the middle of a lonely road; you don’t have to bank on your phone (and its erratic signals) anymore for emergency. With your Titan WE watch, sending an SOS message to your family with your location is as easy as hitting a discreet button on the device! Staying connected with your near and dear ones, and staying safe was never so easy!

As smart as your smartphone

The modern woman never stays put. She manages various roles with élan and works on the go, thanks to her BFF, the smartphone. But, sometimes, you miss out on important calls or texts when your phone is in your bag, or you have left it somewhere else. The Titan WE lets you sync your phone with the watch, so that every single notification reaches you through a sweet haptic response on your wrist! Stay on tops of things at all times and run the world on the go. No more missing important calls or replying to texts after several hours – your phone is virtually now on your wrist!

Titan WE smartwatch women white

For the “Out of order” days

The morning is always a rushed time of the day. So, when, after finally battling traffic to reach office on time, you see the big “Out of Order” sign on the elevator, you know it’s not your lucky day. But, taking the stairs to the fifth floor is made exciting and motivating by the fitness tracker on Titan WE. Track the number of steps you take, count the calories you burn, measure the distance covered, and you’ll feel more proud and accomplished, than unlucky, after that jog up the stairs. Keep fitness goals, so that every step makes you feel closer to your aim and compete with your work buddies to see who can reach their goals the fastest! Staying fit just got more fun with the Titan WE!

Long distance love

Be it for months, weeks, days or mere hours, when you are far apart from your special someone, you are a rollercoaster of emotions that you can’t express however much you want. So, next time he goes on an international work trip, hit that button to send him a special message that shows you are thinking about him. You can also share your location to give him hints that he needs to be back at that location with you soon!  Nothing says “I Miss You” more than a sweet personal note and this feature on your Titan WE watch makes staying connected with your love easy & effortless – even if you are having a busy day. Just one hit of the button does your work!

Titan WE smartwatch women brown

Where’s my phone? (episode 1528)

Given the hectic schedules and busy life everyone has nowadays, staying connected is not easy (even though we have multiple channels to do so now). Let alone people, you sometimes can’t even keep in touch with your phone. And it happens more often than you’d like it. Sometimes your phone is lost in the bottomless pit of your bag, while sometimes you leave it in your kitchen and turn your bedroom upside down looking for it! The Titan WE timepiece helps you find your phone with the hit of a button, even when it is on silent mode! So, say goodbye to all those frantic “I can’t find my phone” moments and stay in touch with your phone at all times with your Titan We watch.




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