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Jewellery has been a woman’s weakness ever since time immemorial and there are quite a few rare jewellery pieces around the world that have been coveted by women throughout history. These splendid ornaments have been fought over, loved, treasured, flaunted and flashed for all they are worth, but for all of us, they have been precious gems that we can only drool over and dream about. But, what if we told you that you can now gift pieces of jewellery similar to these coveted ones to your special someone on this Valentine’s Day? Don’t believe us? Then, read on!

Heart of the Ocean


One of the most renowned pieces of jewellery in the whole world, the Heart of the Ocean is a necklace with a heart-shaped 15-carat blue diamond pendant, which was made popular by the movie Titanic. American jeweller Harry Winston made the original replica, valued at $20 million, which was worn by Gloria Stuart to the 1998 Oscars. This necklace might be one of the most expensive ones in the world, but you can surprise your woman by gifting her this beautiful heart-shaped diamond pendant from the Tanishq Valentine’s Day collection which is sure to steal her heart with its dainty design and precise craftsmanship!

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From L to R: Pendant 1 | Pendant 2 | Pendant 3

The Graff Pink ring

The Graff Pink Ring

The Graff Pink ring, made out of a rare 24.78 carat pink diamond, flanked by two shield diamonds on either side, is one of jeweller Harry Winston’s most expensive creations. It was bought by private collector Laurence Graff in 2010 for a whopping $46.2 million! This platinum ring flaunts a perfectly rectangular step-cut diamond which is said to be one of the greatest diamonds ever found and hence, is a cynosure of all eyes that have been laid on it. If you have ever seen your lady love drooling over this rare beauty, then you can easily make her dream come true by gifting her this Tanishq Mia rose gold ring that boasts of a similar pink-hued rose quartz & 12 brilliantly cut diamonds set in 14K gold. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about the power of pink, right?

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From L to R: Ring 1 | Ring 2 | Ring 3

Heart of the Kingdom


A stunning rare 40.63-carat Burmese ruby nestled among 150 diamonds form the resplendent necklace, named the Heart of the Kingdom, created by one of the oldest jewellery companies Garrard. It’s one of the most expensive & valuable pieces of jewellery in the world, valued at $14 million, and can be transformed into a necklace or a tiara as and when the wearer likes. This V-day, you can win your woman’s heart by gifting her an elegant ruby-studded pendant with chain crafted in 18K yellow gold that’ll be your ‘Heart of the Kingdom’ for her. This lustrous star-shaped ruby pendant will surely make you star of her eyes as she dazzles & shines in your precious gift on the special day!

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From L to R: Pendant 1 | Pendant 2 | Pendant 3

Chopard’s Blue Diamond ring


The Blue Diamond ring is an exquisite and expensive piece of jewellery created by renowned jewellers Chopard, which flaunts a rare 9-carat oval-shaped blue diamond flanked by white diamonds & set in 18K white gold. This $16.26 million beauty is one of the most treasured pieces of jewellery in the world and would make for a great gift for your better half. But, of course, we save you the $16 million and bring to you this graceful 18K white gold ring with an oval-cut, light blue Topaz in the centre, which can be the ideal gift for the Chopard-loving woman of your life. This simple, yet elegant ring will surely be the most precious piece of jewellery in the history of your relationship!

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From L to R: Ring 1 | Ring 2 | Ring 3

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