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A woman plays numerous roles throughout her lifetime. She’s a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a boss, a mother and even a grandmother. Inevitably, she needs a treasured timepiece to help her manage her time while juggling all these roles. Titan Raga offers you a wide range of elegant watches that are perfect accessories for a woman who achieves a new milestone in her life. These watches will not only add beauty and grace to her persona, but stay by her side as a friend for life! Here’s how a Raga complements today’s women at the best times of her life and matches her every mood as she rules the world!


Bride and beautiful

When a girl ties the knot with her chosen partner on the biggest day of her life, she crosses into the threshold of a new life as a woman, ready to take on new roles and responsibilities. Needless to say, this day marks the start of a whole new phase of her existence and she definitely needs a watch that not only complements her wedding finery, but also proves to be a loyal, lifelong companion; much like the man beside her. A glamorous rose gold Raga timepiece with an embossed dial and embellished bracelet band will not only look royal with her bridal attire, but will always be special to her as the watch that rang in her most special time!


Girl boss

For today’s career-centric and ambitious women, what achievement can be more welcome than a promotion that she has worked hard to get? The day a sincere, confident and hard-working woman employee gets promoted to a higher position that she totally deserves, her joy and pride knows no bound, along with of that of her near & dear ones. Congratulate her on her achievement with a sleek and elegant Raga watch with a stone-studded dial rim that will not only make her first day as the boss of a new team more stylish, but also help her keep track of her new projects & chase down deadlines like a pro!


Like mother like daughter

We all remember that special day when we draped a saree for the first time – albeit borrowed from our mother’s closet. That beautiful saree, that you have been eyeing since your teens finally draped your Indian curves and made you feel oh-so-grown-up! It can be for any occasion – your school or college farewell party, your cousin’s wedding or even a singing performance for a society function. Make that moment all the more special with a contemporary Raga timepiece which adds your own kind of spunk to the ethnic ensemble and accessorizes it in style. This watch can be your trusted accessory-of-choice for more such milestone moments throughout life, and will always remind you of that day when you stepped into adulthood, even if only in your mind.


Ticking off the bucket list

Most of you out there have a secret, coveted bucket list of all that you want to do in life tucked away in an old tin box or between the pages of your favourite journal.  And when you tick something off that bucket list, you feel elevated beyond words! You’re always striving to work towards the goal of ticking off the next thing on that list, and when you do so, you need a graceful Raga beauty to remind you of the fact that you are living life on your own terms. Be it a trip to a luxury destination, a stint with an adventure sport of your choice or a buying your own house with your own hard-earned money – these achievements are big enough to be celebrated and remembered, which your Raga watch will help you do, stylishly and accurately!


Mom’s the word

There’s seldom a moment so emotional, so precious and so intense in a woman’s life than when she gives birth to her child. Being a mother, be it for the first time or for the fourth time, unleashes a barrage of emotions and feelings that cannot be described in words. A glorious golden Raga timepiece is a perfect accessory for you during that special time as it heralds the birth of a new life in a gracefully fashionable manner. This dainty, embellished watch will be witness to the start of a new and exciting chapter of your life and might just be an heirloom you pass on to this very child when she grows up to be a new mother one day!

As you see, there’s a Raga for every special moment of your life and if you are not ringing in these joyous times with one of these classy watches, you are losing out on precious time! So, flaunt a new Raga every time your life takes a new bend and revel in the happiness of that time in your life!


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