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I’m a modern woman. I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a daughter, I am a sister and I am also a boss. I fulfill as many roles at work as I do at home. I work with my team. I motivate my juniors. I assure my seniors. I help out my colleagues. I make my clients happy. I do what I love and I love what I do. And I do all this in my power suits, high heels and my smart & elegant Titan Raga Viva timepiece! #likeaboss. Simply searching watch for girls doesn’t clicks my mind as I want something different so I usually prefer buying the trendiest things.


watch for girls

Monday mode

I drive away my Monday blues by dressing up in my smartest blazer that I pair with a well-tailored formal skirt. I start my week by indulging in some power dressing, accompanied by innumerable cups of coffee. A pair of peep-toe wedges is all I need for a long day of running around from meeting to meeting! I never let Mondays get the better of me. I just put on some lipstick and get ready to handle whatever the week throws at me!

Tuesday look with Titan Raga Viva

Trendy Tuesday

Once I’m settled into the new week, I amp up my power dressing game and take on Tuesday in style. It’s time to bring out my sassiest suits and pair them with my highest heels & a classy watch to give off impressive #BossLady vibes! From board meetings to client meetings, I make it clear that my power shoulders can take enough responsibilities! As long as my suit is crisp and my spirits are high, there’s no stopping me from slaying though the day!

Wednesday look with Titan Raga Viva

Wednesday wows

The middle of the week means the battle is half-won! I celebrate Wednesdays by flaunting elegant work-wear like pretty blouses paired with well-cut formal trousers. A sleek watch adds a feminine touch to my office ensemble as well as helps me meet my deadlines on time! On this day I remind myself that if I could survive the first half of the week, I can survive the rest of it too. And the countdown to the weekend begins!

Thursday look with Titan Raga Viva

Thankful Thursday

When my spirits are high, why shouldn’t my style quotient be? I turn heads at the workplace by dressing up in my classiest best on Thursdays. A well-tailored formal dress in a pop color is just what the office needs for a little brightening-up as we approach the end of the week. My chic outfit not only boosts my confidence. It also makes sure all eyes are on me as I present the latest project to the board members or my colleagues. Thank God for power dressing!

Friday look with Titan Raga Viva

Friday fun

Fridays add a dash of carefree fun to the office atmosphere. Be it due to the Friday casuals dress code, or due to the fact that it’s practically the weekend; enthusiasm and spirits are on a high throughout the day! The right blend of semi-formals & smart casuals makes for the perfect Friday work look for me. I seal the deal with a pair of moccasins or a trendy watch that help me sail through the last day of work. As they say, thank God it’s Friday!


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