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Once in a while, amongst all the Monday morning dressing to Saturday night looks, you need to put together a dapper look for an important black tie event; and you might just be confused as to how to go about it. These are generally evening affairs that start after 6 pm, and call for a classy, formal dress code. Men can look their most suave at these events, if dressed up rightly, but they need to pair their outfits with the ideal elegant watch to add that subtle finishing touch to their looks. Here’s how to make sure you have your time game on point at these exclusive events!


Black tie watch dial

Do the dial

Who doesn’t love to flaunt a stylish watch to complement his dapper outfit? But did you know that the ideal rule is to match the color of your watch dial to the time of the day? So, going by the rule, your evening watch should have a dark-hued dial – black or midnight blue being the popular choices. For a black tie event, you can match the color of your dial to that of your suit or blazer. Make sure the dial is sleek and elegant, preferably not oversized, with roman numerals or markers. Make the perfect subtle style statement by going for dials that are sleek enough to slide effortlessly under your shirt or jacket sleeves.


Black tie watch strap

The right strap 101

Along with the dial, the strap of the watch also needs to be elegant and classy in order to complement your suave evening look. A subtle leather strap or a muted metal strap is what goes best at a Black Tie affair. Please steer clear of embellishments or OTT colors on the strap. A graceful strap with a simple clasp or buckle is just what the fashion doctors ordered for your suave evening outfit. It’s always advisable to match the metal of your watch to other metal on your accessories such as cufflinks, tie-pins or glasses for a balanced look.


Black tie watch etiquette

Black tie etiquette

Just wearing the right watch with the right outfit is not all that is there when it comes to making the right impression at such formal events. When you mingle and shake hands with others, your shirt cuffs will rise up – so preferably, wear your watch on your left wrist so that it’s not easily visible. Wear your timepiece with the dial on top of your wrist in the traditional way, even if you wear the dial on the bottom at other times. Most important of all, your watch should be spanking clean and impeccable before you deem it worthy of being donned with your suave tuxedo for a black tie event.


Black tie watch styling

Style story

With all the above points in mind, you can pick the perfect timepiece for such an event, but if it doesn’t complement your outfit, then all your efforts will go in vain. The ultimate head-turning ensemble for a black tie affair is a suave tuxedo, so you can sport one with a crisp white tuxedo shirt, a sleek black tuxedo suit, a silk bow-tie and maybe even a cummerbund! Such a dapper look calls for an elegant watch with a black dial and slim metal strap that’ll subtly peek out at times from under your shirt cuff and make the right impression. If you are going the understated glamour way in a navy silk jacket, beige shirt, slim tie and pocket square look; then accessorize with a classy leather strap timepiece with gold accents to add to the elegant vibes. Just make sure your watch complements your classy ensemble without being OTT or being too distracting; and you’ll surely be the star of the evening.



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