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It’s no more a fad of the 1920s. It’s no more a family heirloom owned by your grandmother and it certainly isn’t a taking a backseat in the world of fashion.

Leading icons right from Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie to powerful figures like the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton and the First Lady of the United States of America – Michelle Obama, have taken a fancy to pearls. From studs to drop earrings and layers of necklace, this gem of the sea has made a huge comeback from being a thing of the past to a wardrobe essential.

The Heads-up
When it comes to the pearls, there are two kinds – Natural and Cultured pearls. Natural Pearls, as the name suggests, are produced by the oyster in its shell without any external influence. They are rare and can cost about three to ten times or more than cultured pearls. Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are produced in artificially-induced conditions. A few popular kinds of pearls are
• The Japanese Akoya Cultured pearls
• White South Sea pearls from Australia and Indonesia
• Tahitian pearls from Polynesia
• Freshwater pearls

Don Your Pearls
Pearls draw a fine balance as a gem that works for both formal and casual occasions. Whether it is a well-heeled evening or a night out with friends, pearls can never be out of place. Read on to discover how pearls can enhance any look.

Go Casual

When taking the casual route, don’t rule out pearls. In fact, don’t even go easy on them. Wear a large pearl choker with round-neck tees, kaftans, or a solid coloured shirt. The layers add volume and makes for a chic look. Also opt for multi-layered bracelets— these are trendy and go well with casuals.

Mix N Match
It doesn’t just have to be a string of pearls. Wearing pearls with various metals such as silver, gold and other gems makes them even more appealing. Combine pearls with a gold chain, or try a pearl and diamond bracelet to come up with new looks and styles.


Fitting In With Formals
A pearl necklace, about 16 inches long, is a classic. When there’s a board meeting, an interview or an office function, use them! Pearl studs are an all-time classic that can grace every occasion and any attire.

Make a Statement
Consider a beautiful pendant with a pearl tucked in a bed of diamonds, or a sapphire-and-pearl cocktail ring. Pearls go well with just about every gem and jewel, so go big with stunning pieces that will steal the limelight.


The Lesser Known
Try a hair pin with pearls neatly arranged atop, or a hairband. How about an elegant, pearly brooch to go with that new suit? Suitable for both casual and formal wear, a simple pearl accessory can up the style factor.

When it comes to pearls, one of the world’s leading fashion icons couldn’t have said it better:

“Pearls are always appropriate.” – Jackie Kennedy

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