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Outing accessories for face shapes
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The thought of going on an outing is so energising! Whether you go out with your date, your friends or your family, an outing always brings out the inner child in you. You feel relieved to escape the humdrum of existence and soak in the sublime peace for some time. What makes an outing even more thrilling is the memorable photographs that you bring back. Posting them on social media, sharing them with friends and family and getting appreciated by everyone is quite a tempting proposition. But you need to wear the right ensemble and accessories so that your photographs come out the best ever.

It can be easy to choose the right apparel and shoes once you know your destination. However, choosing the accessories may pose quite a few problems if you have no idea about the face shape you have. It is as important to match the accessories with your face shape as the apparel with your body shape. To find out the shape of your face, note down the measurements of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and face length. You can now classify your face as round, oval, square, oblong, diamond, heart or pear shaped; and once that is done, you are all ready.

Set out on a picnic

Nothing can be more exciting than going on a picnic to a nearby farmhouse or into the woods. Team up a good pair of shorts and tank top with sturdy sandals. Jewellery can be minimal but a good pair of sunglasses is a must. If you have an oval face, you can wear soft curving designs and teardrops as earrings while your sunglasses can be square with slightly rounded edges. Round faces can pull off long vertical-style earrings and rectangular shaped frames which create the illusion of a longer lower face. Circular neckpieces will suit an oblong face and your earrings must create an illusion of width. Eyewear can include round or square shapes.

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Turn on the sporting fun

An outing which involves indulging in your favourite sport can really be fun. It can be something as simple as golfing or as adventurous as trekking. A well-fitted pair of jeans and white top should do the trick for both. Here again, the focus has to be as much on the jewellery as on the eyewear. Square faces will look good with small pendant sets while aviators with soft edges will add a strong vertical element. Ladies with a heart shaped face can choose short bib-style necklaces while the cat’s eye style of sunglasses will accent their best features. Heart shaped earrings will suit the pear-shaped face best.

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Experience the cruise luxury

Setting off on a cruise into clear blue waters leaving your burdens behind on land can be an ideal outing for many. You can look fashionable with a casual skirt and top with some chic jewellery. If you have an oval face, choose oversized sunglasses to shield your face and a soft curving necklace to highlight the curves of your face. Pear shaped faces can opt for sunglasses with a strong horizontal element; while diamond shaped faces should prefer square rimless style to emphasise the sharp angle of their face. Dangling earrings will look good on both.

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Go on a city tour

Sometimes, it can be a pleasure to tour the very city you live in. Most people get so busy in their work lives that they hardly find the time to explore the place. However, if such an opportunity presents itself, you should take advantage of it and spend some time planning your outfit and accessories. While sandals can keep you comfortable, cotton pants with a matching jacket and hat can add the trendy look. A bold pendant on a short necklace can work wonders for a heart shaped face whereas those with a square face can look for pendants with curves and swirls. Round or oval shaped sunglasses can be perfect for both kinds of faces.

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