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The bed becomes warmer, the blankets softer. The tall glass of lemonade is replaced by a warm cup of cocoa; the bright tee with a comfy sweater. As much as everyone loves some things about winter, the temperature isn’t the only thing that it lowers. It also lowers the energy levels all around. From the shortened days, to the disappearing greenery, and hibernation of squirrels; everything seems bleak and listless. The chilling weather confines everyone to their homes, and to a monotonous cycle of surfing the TV or the internet. Boring.

Let your creativity help you out here, and bring back the colours in your life while keeping you busy. Here are some ways to breathe in a new life in these dull months of winter: –

Fun with bottles:

Fun with bottles

Loads of used glass-bottles gathering dust inside your cabinet? Go DIY and turn them into show-stoppers in your living room. Buy some glass paints from your local stationer, and bring colours to the bottle. Go for unorthodox paint designs and add to the quirk-quotient. If painting is not your thing, take some Diwali-lights and put them inside wine bottles to make thrifty-yet-quirky lamps.

Beauty School:

Beauty School

Winter can take a toll on both your skin and your spirits. Rejuvenate them both with a therapeutic session of beauty treatments. Give yourself a mini Spa day every week with the help of DIY manicure and pedicure kits, and bring back that vitality. If you’ve got colourful nail-paints, now would be a good time to experiment with them and add to the feel-good factor.

DIY your Makeup drawer:

DIY your Makeup drawer

Your makeup drawer makes you look good every day. It’s time to return the favour! Give it a make-over of its own with some unconventional tricks. Use magnetic boards or mason-jars as wall mounts to store small make-up items. If you’re running out of space, use your old clothes to make funky pouches and carry bags.

Make new jewellery:

Make new jewellery

Add some new pieces to your jewellery-box without spending the big bucks. Got an extra bunch of safety pins? Interlink them together with sequins to make a shiny new bracelet. You can also paint on some cool designs of your own on leather strips that double up as bracelets. Long zips can make quirky necklaces, if you can carry them off! The possibilities are only defined by your creativity.

Bake away boredom:

Bake away boredom

Chocolate chip cookies. Brownies. Muffins. Cakes. Let the aroma of these baked goodies cheer you up, for baking is a well-known therapeutic exercise. This will also give you the opportunity to also stock up your kitchen with all the missing ingredients, and utensils.

The only way the drab winter months will get the better of your spirits is if you let them. As clichéd it may sound, everything exciting starts from inside you. So put your thinking caps on, and let your creativity guide you to some winter fun.

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