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It’s not a watch. It’s what it looks like. A machine.

Raw, rugged, powerful.

It’s speed. It’s fury.

A passion. Man’s first love.

Titan’s newest range, Squadron, is a fleet of watches that run on man’s love for machines.




Titan Squadron Thunderbolt watch

Titan Squadron Thunderbolt inspiration

A large rugged face. Three eyes of fire. Inspired by the ultimate interfere of precision that aids the pilot in determining the position of the jet during combat: the cockpit instrument panel. A machine made to soar heights and evoke the thrill of speed.

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Titan Squadron Hawker watch

Titan Squadron Hawker inspiration

A timepiece modelled after the thrust vectors on the turbo engines that propel the aircraft beyond the sound barrier. The sleek bodied beast comes with an arresting face and a heart of steel that beats to precision.

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Titan Squadron Scouter watch

Titan Squadron Scouter inspiration

The daredevil of them all – large and rugged dial with an imposing crown guard. Inspired by the fighter jet’s all-powerful control stick that guides the pilot to his target. Made complete with an original slide rule function.

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Titan Squadron Falcon watch

Titan Squadron Falcon inspiration

A machine that races with your adrenaline level. Fully automatic in function and unforgivingly rugged in character. Inspired by the artificial horizon display that captures the attitude of the aircraft in one sleek interface.

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