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Our life is a perpetual mess. We work too much, but don’t earn enough. We eat too much, but don’t work out enough. We worry too much, but don’t enjoy enough. And we connect too much, but don’t bond enough. Life is a whirlwind of work, duties, happiness, sadness, frustration, love, friends, family and everything in between. And the only thing that can help you keep your life on track is your Fastrack Reflex. Here’s how.

#1: You’ll never forget your wife’s birthday ever again

Fastrack Reflex lets you set vibrating reminders for all those times your brain fails you – from your own anniversary to your kid’s school play to that super-urgent deadline given by the boss!

#2: Ditch the cute guy in the elevator and go for the stairs

The device tracks your steps, calories, distance etc. and helps you set goals and reach them too! Now, give yourself a dare, for a change.

#3: So what if your phone has gone into silent mode by mistake?

With your Reflex on your wrist, stay updated about incoming calls and messages at all times. You can’t possibly miss an important call even if your smartphone acts not-so-smart at times!

#4: For the times when you binge eat a full tub of ice cream

Your Reflex keeps count of your calories and reminds you when you take the concept of ‘cheat days’ a tad too generously. And if, you still let your foodie soul get the better of you, this device stays by you as you burn those calories!

#5: No more making excuses for not hitting the gym every morning

The sedentary alarm feature in your Reflex gives you a reality check when you stay stationary for a long while. Just the boost you require to get going on lazy days.

So, get yourself a Fastrack Reflex and get addicted to a happy & healthy lifestyle. It’s time to run on Reflex!

You can check out the new Fastrack Reflex here:

Fastrack Reflex PurpleFastrack Reflex Blue

Fastrack Reflex Black

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