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Some of the best memories in our lives are of moments spent with our mothers. Those memories are cherished not only by you, but your mom too! You grow up and the role between you two gets reversed. But she holds on to those special memories with all her heart. This Mother’s Day, let’s help her relive the most beautiful moments and shop for bangles online which are the best accessories womens love to wear. Put some thought in choosing the perfect gift for your mother.

Titan Raga watch Mother's Day gift


“Waiting to hear your sneaky footsteps on the stairs as you come home past midnight, she looks at the watch you gifted her and thinks of the time you’d wake her up with your cries in the middle of the night. From then till now, she could never sleep peacefully till she knew you were safely tucked in the world of your dreams.”


Fastrack sunglasses Mother's Day gift

The goodbye

“As you pick up your luggage and call the taxi, mom gives you a tight goodbye hug. Much like the ones she used to give you when she would leave for work every day. Today, you’re leaving for a different city, and she can’t even wail like your 2-year old self used to, back then. She just hides her tears behind the sunglasses you had given her as she waves at your receding cab.”



Tanishq Mirayah diamond ruby earrings Mother's Day gift

All that glitters

“She puts on the elegant jewellery set that was a gift from you and smiles at herself in the mirror. As a teenager, when you had looked at some earrings in a jewellery store display with awe one day, she had gifted it on your next birthday. You never even had to ask for it! Today, you do the same for her. No doubt, you are the true jewel of her life!”



Fastrack handbag Mother's Day gift

The outing

“As mom arranges her wallet, house keys, spectacles, handkerchief and a small bottle of water neatly in her new handbag – a gift from you – she reminisces about the time when her bag would be full of milk bottles, diapers, bibs, pacifiers and the like. She never left the house without her essentials in her handbag – back then when she would be taking you out in your pram, as well as now when you are taking her out in your car!”



Titan Skinn perfume Mother's Day gift


“She loves cooking up a storm for you. She may be your mother-in-law, but she feeds you more lovingly then even your own mom most of the times! But when you come back from work and greet her with a tired hug, she would make sure she wears her favorite perfume, a gift from you, to cover up the smell of a long day spent in the oily heat of the kitchen.”



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