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Today’s women are rocking the world. Irrespective of age. Age is just a number. Make that number look good on you. Celebrate who you are. Celebrate how you are. Make your own rules. Embrace the colors of life. Buy a ring from the collection of diamond rings and shine bright like a diamond. Be fiery in red. Look pretty in pink. Feel bold in blue. Be joyful in yellow. Adorn yourself with the colorful pieces of jewellery from Mirayah by Tanishq. Shop Mirayah and add colors to your life!


Think Pink-Mirayah-Tanishq-jewellery

Think Pink

You are a woman. You have the power of pink. Celebrate being in the pink of your life. Make pinky promises. To yourself. And stick by them. Make people happy and tickle them pink. Bloom like cherry blossoms. Be sweet like candyfloss. Live, laugh, love.

Shop Mirayah and add some pretty pink baubles in your wardrobe.



When In Doubt Wear Red-Mirayah-Tanishq-jewellery

When In Doubt Wear Red

Roses are red. So are juicy strawberries. A chilled can of Coke. A sinful red velvet cake. A gorgeous setting sun. Paint the town red. Be the life of a party. Give yourself the red carpet treatment. Always. Feeling down? Get up. Dress up. Look red hot.

Shop Mirayah and get your scarlet game on!



Make Your Own Sunshine-Mirayah-Tanishq-jewellery

Make Your Own Sunshine

Be a sunflower. Bathe in sunshine. Soak up the sun. Chart your journey on the yellow brick road. Prove that all yellow fellows are not dirty. Have a heart of gold. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Live life bright, in your own yellow submarine.

Shop Mirayah and bask in the glow of elegant yellow beauties.



Dance The Blues-Mirayah-Tanishq-jewellery

Dance The Blues

The sky is your limit. Soar high. In true-blue style. Be your own blue-eyed girl. Spread your mind far & wide. Make your thoughts as endless as the deep blue sea. Even Monday mornings are not for feeling blue. It’s one life. Color it in all the hues of the rainbow.

Shop Mirayah and drive those blues away in dazzling style!



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