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Holi is undoubtedly one of the most awaited festive celebrations in India. It is an exuberant festival of colors that is ushered in joyously with the help of water balloons, pichkaris, gulaals, sprinklers and water guns, and which marks the arrival of spring which is the season of colors. However, this festival is also known for being a cause of immense wastage of water and high pollution levels harming the environment. So, this year, let’s make Holi a little less harsh on the planet and indulge in some eco-friendly & safe celebrations!

Eco-friendly colors Holi

Make your own colors

This year, why not ditch the store-bought harmful chemical colors and play with natural, eco-friendly ones? You can make your own colours that are totally safe both for you and the people you play with, as well as for the environment. There are no harsh chemicals used and thus does not have any side effects on your skin. Common ingredients like turmeric, henna powder, gram flour, sandalwood powder, neem etc. can be used in traditional recipes to make colors. Flowers like marigold, gulmohar and vegetables like beetroot can also be dried and processed to give colors. These eco-friendly colors are gentle on the skin and are easily washable. You can also purchase natural colors from the market, but make sure that it’s from reliable sources.

save water Holi

Waste not, want not

One of the greatest evils of this festival & its joyous celebration is the innumerable litres of water wasted throughout the country, which people carelessly use on this day. This harms our environment and depletes our scarce water resources even further. The most important question of how to balance sustainability with tradition arises here, the answer to which lies in the different ways to save water. Children should be educated about the importance of saving water, so that they don’t waste good water and recycle used water for playing with pichkaris and balloons. A dry Holi can be also be encouraged which involves playing with only dry colors or gulaals, and it can be every bit as much fun as playing with water!

stop plastic use Holi

Put a pause on plastic

As we know, plastic is one of the greatest enemies of our environment and is also, one of the most extensively used material in today’s world. On this joyous occasion of Holi, one more step should be taken to reduce the usage of this hazardous commodity. Children and youngsters should refrain from throwing coloured water filled plastic bags and balloons on others. This will not only help to reduce the creation of garbage but also prevent injuries. Also use of plastic pichkaris should be reduced as much as possible. Stick to sprinklers or smear colours with your hands instead – trust us, it’s much more fun!

Community celebrations Holi

Indulge in community Holi

Well, we all know the saying “The more the merrier!” right? So, why not apply it in this case too? Instead of playing Holi in your respective homes, gather up your friends and families to play Holi with your entire community together! Just choose a common outdoor place or ground and get playing. This will not only save you from the agony of the post-Holi cleaning session of your house, but also lead to less garbage. When everyone plays together at one place, less water will be needed for cleaning up the mess reducing the total water wastage as well. So, have a fun, safe and eco-friendly Holi!




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