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The year just went by in a flash, and we are standing of the threshold of crossing over into the next one! New Year’s Eve is right round the corner, for which you must be making frantic last minute plans with friends or family. It’s the season to eat, drink, be merry, and, of course, party like there’s no tomorrow! And where there are parties, there’s the stress of having to look drop-dead gorgeous for the happening events. So, if you are still trying to figure out how to channel a glam-chic look for the New Year’s Eve party, then here are a few simple tips that can add a last-minute edge to your outfit!


party wear womens watch

When in doubt, wear the watch

For women, the right accessories can take any look from drab to fab in an instant. So, whatever the ensemble you plan to sport on NYE, make sure you pair it with accessories that are head-turning. Along with glamorous jewellery, a statement watch is what can elevate your look and take it up the style charts. Complement your favorite LBD or a new, sequined bodycon with an edgy timepiece for an effortless party-chic look. Remember to opt for a watch that’s classy, eye-grabbing and makes the right style statement; and that’s all you’ll need to be the star of the party!


party wear womens perfume

The significant scent

A well-dressed woman is stylish and attractive, but a well-dressed woman who smells nice too is an enigmatic personality. When you are having last-minute doubts about the perfectness of your party outfit, all you need to do is spray on some dynamic perfume and you are sure to make a stunning entry wherever you go! A thrilling fragrance has the power of adding that touch of edge to any party outfit. Choose a scent that’s strong and spicy with your evening gown, or wear a fruity, citrusy fragrance with your little white dress and rock the NYE like a pro!


party wear mens watch

Set the trend, with the perfect timepiece

On any occasion, the right watch is a must-have accessory for men. A suave timepiece can complement your outfit in the classiest way possible. Take your party look to another level by pairing it with a stylish and sassy watch that will make the right style statement at any New Year’s Eve party. A chunky chronograph with a metal band in an off-beat color like gunmetal or copper can work wonders for your tee, casual blazer and denims look. You can also accessorize your suited black tie ensemble with a sleek, leather band timepiece that’s as elegant as it is dapper.


party wear mens perfume

Spritz before you speed off

Don’t underestimate the power of an intense fragrance, as it can make the right impression on people around you, even from a distance! Woo the women at any party with a strong, musky fragrance that is a perfect partner-in-crime for your cool-dude party looks. Just a few last-minute spritzes are all it takes to make sure that you make a charming impression at the NYE party. A spicy, woody scent is a sure head-turner when worn with a leather jacket & ripped denims; while an intense, musky perfume is what you need for a tuxedo look. Just spray it on and end the year on a fragrant note!


These last-minute additions to your party ensembles are fool-proof ways of making sure you have an ultimate year-end party! Grab eyeballs, turn heads and make charismatic impressions on everyone, without having to lose your mind over last-minute fashion dilemmas!


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