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The world might be divided into countries by boundaries, traditions, cultures and languages; but the one language common to all countries & religions in the world is the language of Love. And the Day of Love is right round the corner! Buy a perfect watch for men from the latest collection of watches and make your journey of togetherness unforgettable for whole life. Lovers all over the world eagerly wait for Valentine’s Day every year when they can express their feelings for their loved ones. But did you know that this special day is celebrated in different ways in different places? Here are some fun and unique V-Day traditions from a few countries around the world that might give you ideas as to how to celebrate the day this year!

 Japan Valentines Day


Contrary to popular customs, in Japan, it is the women who shower their beloved men with gifts, flowers & chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Japanese women gift around two kinds of chocolates to the men in their lives on this day – “Giri-choco” which as an obligation chocolate meant for friends, colleagues, bosses & other male acquaintances and the “Honemi-choco” which is to be given to their true loves, be it boyfriend, fiancé, lover or husband. Sometimes, the women make the Honmei-choco at home themselves to prove their true love to their Valentines.

Denmark Valentines Day


“Valentinsdag”, as Valentine’s Day is called in Denmark & Norway, is a day that the Danish lovers have started to celebrate since recent years, but they celebrate it in their own, unique way. The men anonymously send funnylove poems or rhyming love notes, known as “Gaekkebrev”, to the women of their choice, only giving an indication as to the number of letters in the sender’s name. If the recipient correctly guesses her admirer’s name, she wins an Easter Egg from him on Easter that year; and if she fails to guess the sender’s identity, she owes him an Easter Egg during the later festival.

Germany Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day is popularly celebrated in this country; but along with the flowers & chocolates that are gifted on this day, there is one more funny li’l gift that must be given as a representation of luck & lust in the relationship. German lovers are known to gift each other a pig in any form – be it chocolates or stuffed toys or framed pictures or figurines – on this day to celebrate their love! The Germans also make and gift oversized heart-shaped ginger cookies that might contain love messages inside for their special ones.

Philippines Valentines Day


The Philippinos believe in taking their love one step further on this special day. February 14th is a widely popular date for weddings in this country where mass V-Day marriages have become all the rage in recent years. Valentine’s Day marriages are most coveted by the lovers in this country. They even have thematic mass weddings and the Philippines Govt has been trying to compete for a world record of ‘most people kissing simultaneously’ through a midnight event every year on V-Day.

Finland Valentines Day


This is one country where V-Day is not all about lovers. Valentine’s Day, or ‘Ystävänpäivä’ as it is locally called in Finland, is surprisingly not a day for lovers, but for friends! The Finns show their love for everyone in their life; including friends, family, neighbours, colleagues; on this special day. They give cards and small, but thoughtful, gifts to their friends and family to express their love & care for them. So, if you are single, then you might want to head to Finland to celebrate this special day without feeling left out!

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