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Exam time is here and one of the most important things a student needs in an exam hall is a watch that’ll help to keep time. A working timepiece is as important for an examinee as a smooth pen or a confident attitude. But, any watch is not good enough when it comes to keeping time while writing some of the most important papers of your life. You need to choose a watch with care and thought to make sure that you are well ahead in writing the correct answers within the stipulated hours, so that you can beat the final bell to it!

Keep it simple

It’s always easy to check the time on a watch that sports a clean and simple dial. If you are writing an exam, then make sure your watch has a minimalistic dial – preferably a lighter color – so that you just need to give it a glance to check the time. A classic dial with a comfortable strap – be it metal or leather – is the best combination for a timepiece that’ll accompany an examinee into the exam hall. Make sure the dial isn’t too oversized or chunky, so that it doesn’t distract you or the other examinees from your attention on the paper. A sleek, round or rectangle dial works best on such critical days.

Loud and clear

Keep the fancy numbers and roman numerals for the other occasions, and opt for a watch that has numbers written bold and clear on the dial, if you are taking it to an exam. You can either go for a simple analog watch with a clean dial and big numbers all around, or you can sport a digital watch that shows the numbers clearly on the display panel. You can’t afford to waste more than 2 seconds on checking the time in between violently scribbling the answers on the exam papers. That’s why the numbers on the dial of your watch needs to be easy-to-read, and it’s better to ditch the roman numerals or fancy, numberless dials for this purpose!

As classy as it gets

Picking a watch for the exams needs quite a bit of attention and care, as you might have to use this timepiece throughout the extent of your student life. Hence, it’s best to go for a classy style that’ll not go out of fashion after two seasons, or not look dated after a few years. What’s more, the watch needs to complement your uniform or casual college clothing, thus making it necessary to choose a versatile piece that’s timeless and classy. Opt for classic leather or metal bands in neutral colors like black, tan or silver so that the watch doubles up as an accessory that doesn’t look out-of-place with any outfit. Avoid bright colors or flashy designs that can create

distractions for you as well as the others in the exam hall. Keep it simple and elegant, and it might end up being a timepiece that you’ll treasure throughout your life!

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