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As the sunny skies take a backseat and winter hols come knocking, welcome it with roasted marshmallows, copious amounts of hot chocolate and mocha, plenty of buttered popcorn, and a list of hand-picked movies. From romance and comedy to drama and action – here’s a list of the most celebrated motion pictures that can make family hours more pleasant than ever.

When sharp wit combines with romance, what you get is a timeless movie that has revolutionized American love stories and the million-dollar question – can men and women ever be just friends? Irrespective of what your opinion may be, this is the movie that makes winters with your special someone memorable and enchanting.

Rocky Balboa said, “…the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows”. But this isn’t about Rocky and it doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful life. With a hint of slapstick comedy and a powerful message, this movie never gets old. Lift your spirits with a bit of magic and embrace the small things that make life wonderful!

Is Santa for real? Maybe. Maybe not. This 1947 hit with smart punchlines coming from six-year-old Susan is a treat. The story offers something of a parable, beautifully depicting how acts of kindness passed on to your biggest rival can come back, multiplied. This classic deserves your family time.

There’s a little child in all of us – which is why everyone must absolutely watch this movie. From ideas on how to man the house, to shaking up the pizza delivery boy, this movie will have you double up with laughter time and again.

Karma often plays spoilsport but maybe, just once in a while, it turns things around so that the handsome hunk meets the charming girl-next-door and they get their happily-ever-after. A story that can make you cringe in despair one second and have you beaming with joy the next; grab this all-time couples favourite.

Ghosts aren’t always bad or fearsome. Sometimes, they’re just what you need! The 2009 Disney movie recaps Dickens’ most loved novel with sharp animations and background scores – an excellent improvement from the previous versions. Give yourself a taste of witty dialogues and a pleasant message with this movie.


This is a genius film that gently explores the monotony of life as we know it. The storyline weaves through bouts of cynicism and humour while dishing out bite-sized life lessons, encouraging one to become the best they can when tomorrow comes. A soulful movie that comes without a soppy ending – this deserves a rerun.

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