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What does retirement really mean to her? Perhaps it’s an end to a beginning. Or saying goodbye to the work-life-balance and this time, only focussing on ‘life’ instead. It’s time to raise a toast to her hard-earned success. As her beloved child, help celebrate her achievements alongside family and peers. Celebrate the wonderful woman that she is. And to make her big day extra special, here are a few ideas lined up to get the party started.

Jewellery Will Always Be A Woman’s Best Friend
There’s no denying this. She may have never asked for it, but it is well-known how special every mother feels when she’s gifted beautiful jewellery. The next step is to take a few minutes and recall her style. If she likes it minimalistic, pick something contemporary – a thin necklace interspersed with gems perhaps, or medium-length drop earrings. And if she has an elaborate taste, give her a stunning pair of chandelier earrings with elegant stones adorning the rim or a cocktail ring with gems of her choice.

Jewellery for Retiring Moms

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Look Out For Her
Isn’t Mum an epitome of everything that’s wonderful? They always know what you need before a word is said out loud. Perhaps it’s time to reverse roles. What do you think that she could possibly need today now that she has time to read her favourite book? An elegant pair of reading glasses, maybe, for her favourite paperbacks? Or she might need it to make the daily lists that she never seems to tire of. Why not help her out with trendy frames; square, black-rimmed spectacles, cat-eye or rimless frames for her reading glasses. The right kind of eyewear adds sophistication and is a great gift idea.

Glasses for Retiring Moms

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Add On With Accessories
Congratulate your mother – for a past well-spent, and remind her of a future that’s replete with opportunities. Watches are special gifts reminiscent of time. A bracelet watch with a crown of stones and floral motifs can grace her wrist during the retirement function. For regular wear, consider a steel strap with a contemporary dial that’s rich in aesthetic. Exquisite leather handbags with stylised zippers can reflect her style statement. A leather-skin wallet with neutral colours is also a good option.

Accessories for Retiring Moms

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Something Old, Something New
Sometimes a bucket-list is just like a jewellery box – there’s always something incomplete. Our suggestion – see it through. Let’s say there’s a necklace that she absolutely loves but doesn’t use often for want of matching earrings. Or it could be a kada that’s never found a ring to go hand-in-hand with. Seek out those incomplete accessories and add-on, so that the next time she thinks of wearing it, she won’t have to think again.

A milestone calls for a celebration and with it, the opportunity to welcome a new phase. The ideas listed above are a good start to fuel the imagination. Pepper them with personal styles to make her special day as remarkable as can be.

Happy Gifting!

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