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Heard of ‘Push gifts’? It would be wise to stay educated on the subject if there’s a first-time expectant mother in the house. A Push Gift is something that is gifted to an expecting mother by her spouse; a thank-you of sorts for birthing new life into their family. To state an example, American fashion designer and celebrity, Rachel Zoe, was gifted a 10 carat diamond ring pegged at $25,000 by her husband to celebrate the birth of their baby boy. Popular singing sensation Mariah Carey received a pink diamond and sapphire necklace worth $12,000 from her husband. Back in 2007, The New York Times even ran a feature on the subject. Paying in dollar bills could be a little far-fetched in India. But take heart – this guide will gently advise a gifting process that won’t burn a hole in the wallet.

Make Every Day A Happy Day

Titan Watches for first time mothers

Titan Purple Watch for Women Titan Raga (Mother of Pearl) Analog watch for women Titan Raga (Moonlight) Analog watch for women

With the onset of fragile emotions, food cravings during irrational hours, and other traits that she’s experiencing as an expectant mother, wouldn’t it be kind to ensure that every single day is more beautiful than yesterday? Begin by figuring out what’s her penchant. Does she own many watches; along the lines of one for each day of the month? Get her more of those lovelies – a beautiful white strap with a sizeable dial or an ethnic design with floral elements. Is there a horde of elegant bags hung atop each other on just about every peg in the cupboard? If so, she would definitely love more of those solid coloured leather sling bags with a centre placed metal lock.

Good Luck Gems

Colured Stones (jewellery)for first time mothers

Tanishq Yellow Gold Sapphire stud Earrings Tanishq Yellow Gold Pearl Drop Earrings Tanishq Yellow Gold Ruby & Emerald Finger Ring Tanishq Yellow Gold Ruby & Emerald Earrings Tanishq Yellow Gold Emerald stud Earrings

Gems stones are strongly tied to one’s emotions and faith. Gifting a beautiful jewellery with her baby’s gemstone would mean so much to her. It could also be a triune-centre ring with three gems, comprising the father’s, the mother’s and the baby’s gemstones. This can also be tweaked to fit a dazzling pendant, an elegant bracelet, or any piece of her favourite kind of jewellery.

Soothe Her Spirits

Gold & Diamond Pendant Sets for first time mothers

Tanishq Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant Set Tanishq Yellow Gold Pendant Set Tanishq Yellow Gold Pendant Set (Double-S Motif)

Once upon a time, there was gold. Legend has it that the Egyptians ingested it to purify their body and souls, while the famous alchemist Paracelsus is said to have made the elixir of life with gold liquid. Gold is said to have soothing properties which relax the mind and body. Even better if it comes in the form of a necklace with a drop diamond pendant or a stunning bangle with a range of colours.

Ricki Lake, American actress, Producer and Emmy Award-winning television host, said it well –

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing”, and every mother deserves to be celebrated for the gift of life she brings! Enough said.

Happy Gifting!

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