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Who doesn’t remember their first day at their very first job – a few shivers, nervous reflexes and the anticipation of a whole different world that has just opened up. And today, instead of you, it could be your daughter or son beginning their career; siblings – the same ones’ who partied hard, now ready to begin working harder, or the best friend whom you sang nursery rhymes with.

A new start deserves to be celebrated. Giving them a gift – something that’s precious and can be used at work, is a good idea. We have a few hacks up our sleeve!

Work Your Way Through It

One size doesn’t fit all – even at work. An accounting firm may have a serious demeanour while a creative agency is all about expressing your style. Simply put, your loved one’s job matters when it comes to selecting a gift.

The Serious Formals

This could be a law firm, an accounting unit crunching numbers, or an IT company. A perennial theme exists – to keep it serious and smart. So choose gifts that are elegant, but not over-the-top. For young ladies, opt for studs with clean lines – this adheres to the formal look. If it’s a necklace, keep it plain with a delicate pendant. For men, cufflinks are a great bet. Its suave and brings in a style statement. Watches can be of leather or steel. Opt for delicate rings. If birthstones matter, we suggest a single gem on a plain band. Avoid the bling factor here.

formal office looks

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The Intermediate Friday Casuals

The Friday Casuals code applies to a range of roles – marketing personnel in FMCG sectors, individuals in the publishing industry, client servicing executives in creative agencies or merchandisers and buyers in fashion labels. The idea is to be creative and sophisticated at the same time. Layered chains are great for women – its trendy, without being very loud. You can also consider hoops and mid-length danglers for earrings or a leather skin for women’s handbags. You can experiment when it comes to watches. Think ceramic or metal watches with stones or neutral colours such as white, black, cream etc.

semi-formal office looks

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The Ultimate Rule-Breakers

Designers, copy writers, music composers, animators, video editors, vocalists, media reporters and the like – if your loved one fits this category, we have just one guideline – give them what they like. Buy chunky jewellery if that’s her style. Get him an amazing pair of aviators for the long bike commute. Find a back-pack with quirky designs, or well-designed wallets and up the funk factor. In short, pick anything that works for your loved one.
And that sums up our best ideas. We hope the guide has given you new ways to simplify your buying process. So head out, and find a gift to celebrate their big day.casual office looks

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Happy Gifting!

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