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Diamonds and girls are said to be best friends. Over time, the proverbial friend circle has been extended to include many variations such as gold, silver, precious stones, and just about everything that reflects a glitter in her eye.

Jewellery – delicate, precious, elegant and a highly valued asset, has often been gifted to mark important events. Of course much depends on what is considered to be important – a daughter’s graduation, perhaps?

Of late, parents, siblings and friends have initiated a celebratory graduation ritual by planning small get-togethers, taking a vacation and giving gifts. While graduating gifts fall within a clichéd range of options such as bags, clothes or accessories, choosing jewellery demonstrates a more thoughtful and rare approach. Alas, there are no concrete rules on what kind of jewellery works and what doesn’t. What you can look for however, are cues – her traits, personal style, likes, dislikes and other factors that will help you zero in on jewellery that she will adore.

Gift for Graduating Daughters

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Define Her Style

First off, take a few seconds to recall her style. Which one piece of accessory does she always wear before leaving the house? Does she frequently use earrings or is she big on chunky bracelets? This exercise will help you select her favourite kind of jewellery.

Define Her Occasion of Use
Another factor before buying jewellery for her is gauging the occasion of use. Is your gift something you want her to flaunt on a regular basis – to work or when she goes out with friends? Or would you rather buy her something high-end and elaborate, fit for special events. Classifying this step is a great way to narrow down the kind of designs you could buy and also figure out your budget.

Define The Make of the Jewellery
Moving on, you will need to decide on the colour and make of the jewellery. Take some time out to identify her likes and dislikes. Some young women have a penchant for white and rhodium plated accessories while others prefer gold. There has also been a growing interest in picking diamonds. Available in mini solitaires as studs, pendants and rings – diamonds make for great gifts that come within an ideal budget.

Define The Design Concept
Design also plays a major role when selecting jewellery. Young women prefer contemporary designs over traditional ones that can blend well with casual and ethnic attires. Of course, the assumptions are largely variable depending upon your loved ones’ taste. Lately, many parents also choose to make customized jewellery. Adopting meaningful charms and designs is a great way to create a unique piece.

Gift for Graduating Daughters

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Daughters, sisters, nieces – they are an epitome of beauty, strength and vigour. As she graduates, there’s presumably a whirlwind of thoughts that goes on in her mind – work anxiety, adapting to a new environment, being more responsible, and what not. Make a special effort to show how much she means to you. Tap into ideas from our guide to spot the right gift and celebrate her achievements.

Happy Shopping!

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