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Remember the time you wiped off her tears on her first day at kindergarten? Time since then has passed by. And now, here she stands finishing high school, getting ready for college. It is often easy to wonder how soon the little girl you knew has transformed into a beautiful young woman.

College can be both invigorating and challenging. Moments such as these are when she needs assurance – when a gesture of love and care would mean the world to her. So why not celebrate her special day with a beautiful memento and tell her how proud she has made you?

And that begs the question – how do you undertake the task of deciding, finding, and wrapping that perfect gift?

The ideal way to get started is to think in terms of utility. What could she possibly need at the threshold of a new phase? It could be a trendy backpack – the kind that’s big on storage, modern in design, and apt for regular use. Since college is always followed by a wardrobe makeover, you may also want to consider accessories. A solid coloured leather or silicone strap watch will go a long way in complementing most attires. How about a full-rimmed pair of sunglasses to turn up the style factor, especially for those college trips and weekend getaways.

Of course, there will be canteen bills to pay, intermediate shopping sprees and tons of miscellaneous expenses. At a stage where money management will slowly take priority, a wallet could be a good idea. For something truly exceptional, consider jewellery, such as an elegant pair of studs or a beautiful necklace. In short, finding the balance between her needs and likes will help you narrow down the right option.

Once the gift is decided, the next step is to find it. And not just any gift, but one that fits your budget. While the options are limitless, sadly your time isn’t. Online shopping helps simplify the buying process in 3 easy steps – browsing, selecting and shipping. So get that beautiful leather wallet. Look for that utility backpack. Choose a colour that you know will win her over. Filter through the array of designs. Select one that reflects her personality. And make her day with a heartfelt note.

Go ahead and show that you care. After all, it’s the small things you do that makes a difference.

Happy Gifting!

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