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If marriage is an important milestone, then making it right up to the one-year mark is even bigger. We are talking 12 months of intelligent companionship where you’ve agreed to disagree, handed over the TV remote to each other during scheduled hours, learnt to deal with the uneven distribution of closet space, taking turns with the dishes, and much more. Great achievements deserve big celebrations. When your life has turned 180 degrees and you have your amazing partner to be thankful for, here’s how you can get started.

1. The year to remember
Take a walk down memory lane to the time you first popped the question with a ring, or when you said ‘I do’. Now it has been a year, and it may be time for something new. Perhaps an elegant ring with her gemstone, or a contemporary design of rose-gold with open-work. For a perfect setting, take her out for an evening of dancing and dinner, then follow it up by giving her the best gift ever.

Promise Rings

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2. Make the first a lasting one
It’s tradition to celebrate the firsts – the first date, the first walk in the rain, or the first ice cream you shared. On your first anniversary, give her a first that’ll last. A diamond is her best friend, so make them yours as well. Much can be expressed over diamonds. It could be a pair of diamond studs, a pendant that looks incredible with the necklace she always wears, or a pair of danglers for a nice evening out.

Promise Rings

18KT Promise Gold Diamond Finger Ring 18KT Promise Gold Diamond Finger Ring

3. Indulgence is bliss
Karva Chauth is around the corner and if your anniversary is around that time, it calls for twice the festivities! Indulge her with a shopping spree of rich and elaborate jewellery such as a pair of jhumkas, a maang tika, or bangles that’ll get her festive-ready for the season.

Promise Rings

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4. Sweep her off her feet, again
Take a walk down memory lane and think of what makes her jump for joy. Get her something that she takes a fancy to. Perhaps it could be that nice black leather handbag that she has had her eye on. A kind and considerate gesture is the way to any woman’s heart.

Promise Rings

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The saying, ‘actions speak louder than words’ couldn’t be more true. Make those actions count.

Happy Gifting!

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