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Over the years, the position of women has risen – in the society, at home, at the workplace, all around the world. Gone are the days when the societal norms dictated women what they could do or couldn’t. Women are ruling the world now – and how! She is climbing mountains, soaring through the skies, breaking glass ceilings and creating history. But, she still is a doting mother, a caring daughter, a passionate lover and a strong friend. So, this International Women’s Day, let the ladies in your life know how much they mean to you!


For the Mother

The women who brought us into this world, nurtured us, loved us selflessly and made us who we are, deserve a special gift of love on Women’s Day! She has shown you how strong women can be, yet how soft and caring, at the same time. She is one of the most important women in your life, and you can get her something timeless and classy like an elegant piece of jewelry! A graceful necklace that would make her feel like the queen she is, or a dainty bangle to adorn the hands that have cared for you will make perfect Women’s Day gifts for the supreme lady of your life.


For the Better Half

Love doesn’t only make the world go round, but, the one you love becomes your whole world! Your Lady Love – whether she’s your girlfriend, your partner or your wife – is the woman behind the successful man that you are. She’s not only your better half, but also becomes your mother, your confidante, your friend, philosopher & guide whenever the need arises. So, this Women’s Day, make her feel special by gifting her gorgeous jewellery, or a classy watch. A pretty pair of earrings will surely put a smile on that face that you fall in love with every day, or an elegant watch will make her remember you every time she looks at it on her wrist!


For the Daughter

She came into your life like a ray of sunshine, and lit up your whole existence! She’s a growing example of what Love looks and feels like, and she’s one of the most precious girls in your life. She looks up to you, loves you to the moon and back, tries to live up to your expectations and is a great legacy to leave behind in this world! This Women’s Day, tell her what a great woman she’s growing up to be, by gifting her a stylish watch or a dainty piece of jewellery. A trendy watch will be with her forever as a symbol of your love for her. She might also love to feel classy in pretty earrings or a graceful pendant which’ll turn heads wherever she goes!


For the Bestie

You have been BFFs forever, and you can’t think of life without her. She has been your partner-in-crime, your 3am friend, your shoulder for crying on, your agony aunt, and your advisor on everything – from fashion choices to tricky situations! This wonderful woman surely deserves some acknowledgement on Women’s Day – and you can do just that by gifting her a refreshing perfume or a trendy bag. Make your gift thoughtful, so that she knows how much you love her, even though you might not be able to express it as often.


For the Sister

The girl you have grown up with, the girl who has always been by your side, the girl who’s helped you through thick and thin, and the girl who knows you more than you might realise; a sister is an extension of your own soul. Be it your own sister, or a cousin; this woman is an amalgamation of your friend, mother, teacher and everything in between. This Women’s Day, surprise her with a token of love that’ll make her feel as special as she is! A timeless watch or an elegant perfume will not only adorn her in your love, but also be a great gift of appreciation for all that she has done for you always!


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