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Fitness may be at the top of some people’s priority lists or at the bottom but undoubtedly it’s one of the most common subjects of resolutions made and broken at the beginning of each year. Are you one of those exercise-phobic lazy people for whom the next gym-time never comes? But, also at the same time you drool at the sight of toned legs and flat bellies. Well, no need to fret anymore as the answer to your problems is workouts that are fun and calorie draining at the same time. And what’s more, you don’t even need to hit the gym for that; you can enjoy it out in the open!

freerunning outdoor workoutFree running

This outdoor fitness routine is an acrobatic & athletic workout style that is gaining popularity with amateurs as well as fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Freerunning is carried out in outdoor spaces, specially with challenging terrains so as to make your workout more intensive. It is a part of Parkour which is a military-inspired obstacle training technique. It includes intensive movement with acrobatic styles incorporated for aesthetics and fun. You can indulge in this form of workout in natural surroundings like gardens and parks as well as urban spaces that provides you with enough hurdles to cross.

lateral jumps outdoor workout

Lateral jumps

Using a jumping rope provides the perfect dose of cardio in your outdoor routine. Start off the routine with the usual jump roping and gradually include movement of the feet laterally or side to side while keeping the thighs together. Make sure to keep the steps small in order to prevent getting tied up in the rope. This fun activity not only boosts the heart rate but also improves the stability of the ankle and foot. This routine can be done in any open space for instance a park or in the terrace.

Speedminton outdoor workout


This outdoor routine is as fun and interesting as it sounds. Speed-Minton is actually a medley of games like tennis, badminton and racquetball without the involvement of net or walls. It’s played under the sky where the players are continuously served a speeder which looks like the birdie used in badminton and they bat that using light-weight racquets. You can play it anywhere whether it’s on the street or the beach or in the lawn. The physical benefits of this routine includes toned legs, improved hand-eye coordination and sculpted arms and back.

medicine ball outdoor workout

Medicine ball

This workout helps to burn down belly fat as well as build up the muscles on your arms. To do this, first you may stand with your feet a shoulder-width apart from each other holding out a ball straight in front of you with both hands. Squat holding the ball straight, then get back up. Now let go off the ball and quickly return to your squat position to catch the ball. You can also slam down the ball when you are in the squat position and stand up again to catch it once it bounces up. Repeat these and do as many rounds you can in 1o minutes to get rid of all those belly fat.

So, ditch the gym and go out to indulge in some of these cool fitness sessions that will make you lose all those calories and let you enjoy the early morning fresh air as well! Staying fit just got more fun!!!


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