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Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year since 1970. Today, it has evolved into a global event celebrated by 192 countries. It is all about the love and care we should have for our home, our planet. There are a lot of ways in which you can thank the Earth. And not only on this one sole day of the year but throughout the rest of the year too! We can surely take some time out of our busy schedules to do something for the environment that has been sustaining us for years on end. So, this Earth Day, take the initiative to do some good for our Mother Earth. In this way, you can give as much love back to the planet as it gives to you.

cut trees printout paper

Cut down on the cutting of trees

Well, the world is moving faster and there’s no time for snail mailing. Let’s give you one more good reason to add to it. Paying your utility bills online as well as viewing the statements and dealing with financial transactions on the internet may save more trees than you realise. Get into the mode of e-tickets, e-books etc. and refrain from taking printouts unless absolutely indispensible. Preventing the wastage of all those tonnes of paper from unnecessary printouts is going to save millions of trees every year and that’s something worth contributing to, right?
save electricity home

Charity begins at home

This Earth Day, take the initiative to indulge in a dual profit scheme which will not only benefit the environment but also help you to cut down on your expenses. Things like turning off the lights and fans whenever not in use is something we have been instructed to do since childhood but this year let’s take things a step further. Replace the lights in your house with energy saving LED lights or fluorescent light bulbs to save the earth from the clutches of energy-hogging lights. You can also switch to low-energy appliances at your home and of course, set up solar panels for the ultimate pollution-free mode of energy generation.

compost pit waste

The call of compost

Every time you throw out used tea leaves, paper towels, vegetable peels, all you are doing is adding to a landfill. To make appropriate use of these by-products, all you have to do is set up your own compost bin. It’s basically a bin in your kitchen that will hold all of your compostable waste. You can later transfer the waste to your yard where all the contents will decay to act as a rich fertilizer that provides nutrients to the soil. This way, setting up a compost bin on this Earth Day will help you reduce waste and build up healthy soil for your own garden!

save water rainwater harvesting

Drop by drop

Everyone is aware of the water shortage situations around the globe and yet most choose to be ignorant about it. So, this Earth Day, choose to be a tad less careless and start doing your part of saving this resource that gives us life in true sense. Start indulging in rainwater harvesting. Store the rain water and use in in chores like washing clothes or utensils that don’t require filtered water. Also, turn off the taps when not in use and teach your kids the importance of not wasting water. Doing so will not only help you conserve water but also use it efficiently till the last drop.

green garden terrace kitchen

Your own patch of green

With our planet turning into a cement jungle, it’s very crucial to add whatever bit we can to the existing greenery. Setting up your own garden, however small it is, is a perfect way to contribute to the environment. Be it on your terrace or in your yard,  a small patch of green will also freshen up the air of your home. Planting bright coloured flowering plants, bonsais, ornamental plants shall beautify and un-pollute the environment of your house. They will also contribute to the green cover of our planet.

So, here are a few ways in which you can repay the Earth and we hope now you know that planting a tree is not the only way of saving our planet. So, get, set and contribute towards a cleaner & greener Earth!



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