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The most special day for lovers is just around the corner. But, it also happens to be the most-hated day when it comes to those who are single (and maybe not ready to mingle). If you are one of those single souls who don’t have any romantic plans on this Valentine’s Day, fret not! There are lots of fun ways to celebrate the day even if you don’t have a partner to cozy up with! So, this V-day, let’s show the world that you don’t need a partner to celebrate, because, after all, there’s no love like self-love, right?

Love thyself


This is the perfect day to show yourself some much-deserved love and care. Pamper yourself this V-day and indulge in activities that will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of the day. Go for a nice, relaxing spa and soak in the goodness of a body massage to feel refreshed to the core. Treat yourself to a nice, long hot soak in the bath – brownie points if you put up some aromatic candles around and read your new book while inside the tub. You can also spend a lazy day at home, binge-watching Netflix on the couch with a big tub of popcorn for company! Ultimate bliss, eh?

Do something daring


Want to make this day special? How about challenging your limits and doing something you’ve been scared to try out till now? Be it going on a hard trek or facing your fear of water – go for something that pushes your limits and beings out the brave in you. Try your hand at parasailing or say yes to some scary bungee jumping, go for some underwater snorkelling or finally give in to the call of the local amusement-park rollercoaster; on this day, put an end to your long-time fears and celebrate life in a new way!

Have a singletons’ party


V-day is the perfect excuse to get all your single friends together and have a blast! Steer clear of any romantic mush and ditch the heart-shaped balloons & red/pink décor for some fun party props, vibrant decorations and yummy food. You don’t need to be haters and rant the day away complaining about too much display of love all around, instead you guys can talk about how you are happy and contented in your single life and how there’s so much you have planned for yourself! Play some fun party games, gossip like there’s no tomorrow and dance away to glory to your favourite party tracks!

Treat the foodie in you


Why should being single stop you from taking advantage of the V-day offers at restaurants and gorging on some sumptuous food? Indulge your foodie souls and hog on the yummy spread at your favourite eatery or try out the new restaurant in town. If you are an enthusiastic cook, you can also rustle up a five course meal and hog on some of your favourite dishes – right from entrée to dessert! Forget about your diet for a day and indulge in some sinful binge-eating and you’ll be sleeping a happy soul at night.

Spread some love where needed


You might not have a partner to shower love on, on this special day; but you can definitely spread some love to those who need it and make their V-day memorable! It’s a great day to visit an orphanage or an oldage home or even an NGO that takes care of special children and show them some much-needed love. Get them food or toys or just take along a box of your old clothes for donation and see the smiles lighting up their faces as you shower them with love, care & some attention! After all, it’s a day of Love, whichever form it may be shown in – so, indulge these poor souls for one day and you’ll be filled with a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling yourself!


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