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I’m Strength. I can be easily confused with Hope, Love, Faith but I must tell you it takes something really special to muster me. I reside in the deepest corner of one’s heart, but once I’m beckoned, there’s no stopping you. Days when you don’t feel like crawling out of the bed is when you need me the most. Isn’t it?


Semicolon Tanishq Symbol of Strength jewellery

Finding strength

I am there inside all of you. But I may choose not to show myself always. Sometimes I am buried so deep inside that you might take time to dig me up. Weeks, maybe months, go by before I join hands with my friend Courage and help you see the brighter side of things. I help those fighting depression feel confident about themselves once more. They might stumble on their paths & fall, but if they know where to find me, then they’ll rise yet again to face the world with a smile!


Semicolon Tanishq Symbol of Strength jewellery

When you find it, you keep it

I’m not ashamed to go away for days. I wear it proudly, like a kink in my armour, like a scar after a battle. But once you get hold of me, it’s wise never to let me go. You may keep me tucked away into the safe corners of your soul, so that you can call upon me whenever you feel low or depressed. At your darkest times, I emerge from within you to give you Courage and Confidence to face life.


Semicolon Tanishq Symbol of Strength jewellery

You are your strength

I am what makes a woman stand up for her rights. I give you the Power to believe in yourself. I give you the Freedom to speak your thoughts. I pick you up when you are at your lowest. I imbibe your heart with Courage, Confidence and Faith to fight all odds. I help you rise from the depths of depression and desperation. I help you be fiery, fierce and fearless.I make you who you are. I am who you are.


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