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Spain is a confluence of myriad cultures which turn out to be exemplary inspirations for any objects of art and beauty. From the mesmerizing grace of its Flamenco dancers in their swirling costumes to the timeless and exquisite beauty of its stained glass and mosaic art forms, this country holds the magic of aesthetic appeal in every nook and corner. And now, you can own a bit of Spanish allure in the form of an elegant timepiece from the all new Titan Raga Espana collection, which is inspired by the graceful aesthetics of Spain’s artistic culture!



MAGIA Titan Raga Espana watch

watch watch

The intricate stained glass art found in the numerous chapels and cathedrals in Spain is testimony to the country’s lineage of talented artists. The centuries-old cathedrals with towering stained glass windows represent a grandeur that is captured in the mother-of-pearl dial of the watch. This bracelet-style beauty with a U-shaped dial, inspired by the arched windows also has a dazzling Swarovski gem at one end. Adorn your wrists with this watch and see the beauty of Spanish stained glass art come alive on you!



FLAMENCO Titan Raga Espana watch

FLAMENCO Titan Raga Espana watch FLAMENCO Titan Raga Espana watch

A tribute to the grace of the swirling skirts of Flamenco dancers, this style takes inspiration from the exotic art of Flamenco. This elegant dance form is a jewel in the crown of Spanish culture and is a fascinating mix of style and skill. The Raga Espana timepiece derives its inspiration from the twirling frills of the dancer’s skirt in the form of a dainty metal plate placed halfway between the dial & the case. The sleek metal finish of the body, the sunray finish dial and the matching elegant bracelet makes this an accessory that’ll dance gracefully on your wrists.



ENCHANTO Titan Raga Espana watch

ENCHANTO Titan Raga Espana watch watch

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most intriguing monuments in Spain. This basilica in Barcelona was designed by architect Antonin Gaudi who started to build it in 1882, but it is still undergoing construction and is in an incomplete stage till this day. The most visually appealing part of the basilica is the metal woven chain-like structure of the towers which transcends on to your arms as the chain strap of the bracelet watch inspired by this Spanish monument. Adorn it and put a touch of Spain in your looks.



MOSAICO Titan Raga Espana watch

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One of the most vibrant forms of Spanish art is the intricate mosaic art created with brightly colored little tiles. The exquisite beauty of mosaic art is resplendent on many Spanish monuments and has inspired this elegant style of watch. This bracelet-style timepiece, with uniquely-shaped dial, also flaunts a lone Swarovski crystal on one end as a representation of the vibrant tiles used in mosaic art by Spanish artists. Slip this arm candy on to add a touch of cheerful elegance to your outfits and dazzle like a piece of magnificent Spanish mosaic art!



BELLA & ICONO Titan Raga Espana watch

bella icono

From the vibrant asymmetric mosaic art of the Park Guell in Barcelona to the iconic conical towers of the Sagrada Familia basilica – Spain’s greatest monuments have not only awed tourists for years, but also inspired many art forms, the latest being the Raga Espana watches. The bright, gleaming, asymmetric tiles of Park Guell’s mosaic pattern will adorn your wrists as the asymmetric beaten metal & gloss finish panels on the watch’s strap and the pattern of the mother-of-pearl dial. On the other hand, the interesting conical towers of the basilica turn into the tapering triangular bracelet bands of a stylish timepiece that’ll bring a piece of Spain to your wardrobe.



FLOR Titan Raga Espana watch

FLOR Titan Raga Espana flor

The grace and beauty of Andulasian dancers as they swirl and sway to the rhythmic beats of Spanish music is something to behold in awe! The exotic Spanish dance forms will tempt you to shake a leg yourself, and you might often want to be a Latina, dancing away to glory in magnificent swathing, swirling costumes. You can now have your Senorita moment with an elegant watch with a ruffled dial case inspired by the twirling, flared pattern of a Flamenco skirt. The layered mother-of-pearl dial also represents the frilly layers of the dancer’s costume, thus bringing a Latina artist’s grace and elegance to you in the form of a fashionable arm candy.



BRILLO Titan Raga Espana watch

BRILLO Titan Raga Espana watch BRILLO Titan Raga Espana watch

The beautiful arched stained glass windows of the Sagrada Familia are made to awe & inspire, with their stunning glass art and intricate patterns. The semi-circular arched windows lent their architectural beauty to the U-shaped dial case of the Raga Espana watch, while the mother-of-pearl dial reflects the patterns of the stained glass art. The classy, solid, cylindrical enamel piece that brings up the rear end of the bracelet strap adds the perfect touch of Spanish influence that makes this accessory a must-have in your collection this season!


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