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The beginning of the year always heralds new things – new ideas, new trends and of course, the new Color of the Year as predicted by trend-forecast giant Pantone. The chosen Color of the Year reigns supreme in our lives for one year, from clothes & accessories to home décor & lifestyle products too! This year, Pantone urges us to brush up on our imagination, creativeness and inventiveness with a color that represents an infinite galaxy of ingenuity & creation – an intense blue-based purple named Ultra Violet.


Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet galaxy

Inspiration from the universe

Since time immemorial, man has drawn inspiration from the vast and endless galaxy, the infinite universe and the mysterious expanse of the night sky. Ultra Violet is a color that was inspired by the limitless mystery of the cosmos and the enchantment of discoveries waiting to be made. This color was born out of the need for fresh imagination and inventive instincts in a world that is over-stimulated and saturated with information. The color is inspired by, and in turn is to inspire us to, explore the infinite possibilities lying ahead – from new technology to new ways of artistic expression – and embrace what is yet to come with open arms and an open mind!


Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet light

Symbolization and meaning

Ultra Violet is a fascinating blue-based purple that stands for all new things that are possible, new paths to take, new creative ideas to come up with, new galaxies to explore. Purple, as a color, is symbolic of artistic talent, counterculture and unconventionality. Ultra Violet is a hue that is full of emotion, and that represents non-conformity and experimentation. This color will instigate you to push your creative boundaries and make your own mark in a significant way. Historically, this shade has been often associated with spiritual practices, and in today’s saturated times, the same mystical qualities can offer you refuge from over-stimulation and help you connect & inspire with other like-minded individuals.


Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet macarons

An Ultra Violet year

So, it’s time to paint our world in Ultra Violet hues and embrace this Color of the Year in various ways. Adding touches of Ultra Violet to your surroundings through home décor accents is a smart way of bringing new positivity & creative vibes in your life! You can even go for trendy food & drinks in the chosen color – think galaxy macarons or blueberry smoothies – and of course make sure your Instagram feed looks nothing short of a moodboard for the Color of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet!


Wear Ultra Violet

When the color is reigning supreme in all ways, why should fashion be left behind? You can add Ultra Violet to your looks with trendy and fashionable products that’ll help you score major style points. Go for accessories like bags, watches or even jewellery in this shade to complement your stylish outfits, and be on trend at the same time. A trendy watch with a purple dial and purple band will add a touch of Ultra Violet to your casual looks. A cool purple backpack can take you from a long day at college to an impromptu weekend road trip effortlessly. Choose chic accessories in the happening hue to keep up with the most popular color trend of the year!



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