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Winters are here and there isn’t a better time to slip on a pair of amazing leather boots and walk out the door, looking absolutely stunning. Although here’s a note of caution – wearing boots requires one to have certain match-making skills. Wear a long skirt with knee-high boots and you have just committed a fashion faux pas. Or in the contrary, pairing skinny jeans with Chelsea boots can make your ensemble look young and trendy. To make things simple, here are some basic principles that will guide your ensemble and make sure you’re dressed to awe, every time. Here goes.

Riding Boots

riding boots

If you’re catching up with your girlfriends, make a beeline for them riding boots. These look casual and chic without being loud. Team these with long skinny jeans, or coloured leggings if you like to work an edgy look. If you want to take style up a notch, wear these with a mid-length princess dress.

Chelsea Boots

chelsea boots

These – every girl must have! Why? Because Chelsea boots are what that little black dress is for– evergreen and elegant. Speaking of utility, if you’re going to be on your toes for a long day, these are your best bet. You can go for a dark brown or black shade. Pair these with heavy jeggings, a flannel or denim shirt, and you’ve created a simple ensemble that’s heavy on style. These also look great with a bodycon dress or knee-length skirts.

Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots

You don’t need to be a fan of country music or western classics (although who isn’t) to love cowboy boots. While most boosts come in the classic brown shade with a high shaft and embossed designs, the latest trends use a splash of colour, giving it a young and vibrant appeal. Team these with a chambray dress or tight leather pants and a cardigan to look amazing for a party or social gathering.

Moto Boots

moto boots

Going for a ride? Want to attend your favourite band’s gig? You need moto boots. A trademark with motorcycle clubs, it has quite a few buckles and a low heel, giving it the rare benefit of being comfortable and trendy at the same time. The updated models also include rhinestones and studs. Best worn with skinny jeans, these are perfect for any occasion from long shopping sprees to coffee dates. Beg, borrow, or steal – you need these!

Thigh-high boots

thigh high boots

It’s hard to forget Julia Roberts with her thick brown curls in the movie Pretty Women. It’s even more hard to forget the sleek, black thigh-high boots she’d flaunted, and slowly but surely it’s catching up with the world of fashion. Oft-known for their sensual appeal, these boots look great with sweater dresses or miniskirts. Use these for date nights, dinner parties, and for whenever you want a dull and boring look to come alive.

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