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Today’s kids are smarter than you were at their age. They are tech-savvy, intelligent and aware of what’s happening around the world. They can handle your phone better than you, and can teach you about features in your tablet that even you didn’t know about! So, when it comes to gadgets used by them, like watches, any plain old timepiece is not good enough for your little ones. That’s why Zoop is here with a new range of digital watches for your little guys & girls that are endowed with cool features to help them in their daily lives! Buy watches for kids from the trendiest collection and make them feel how precious they are to you.



wathces for kids


We all know what a task it is to make your kids get up on time for school every morning! Zoop’s new digital watches are here to make your task easy! Set its in-built alarm feature to the time when you want your little one to be up, and it’ll beep its way into his dreams, telling them that it’s time to rise & shine! The alarm can also be used by your child to work as reminders for timings of after-school lessons like music or painting, wake-up calls during afternoon naps or even when homework-hour strikes!


Zoop digital watch boys grey


In today’s busy lives, it’s always important to make sure your children are enrolled in some sort of sports activity or the other. Be it football training in school, tennis classes in the evening or running sessions in the morning – these activities help your kid stay fit & healthy. The stopwatch feature of these new Zoop digital watches come in handy when your little sportsperson wants to time his actions! They can use the stopwatch to see how fast they are running one or how soon they are swimming from one end of the pool to the other.


Zoop digital watch boys black

Dual Time

Many a times, you or your spouse are away on an international work trip and your kid ends up missing you more than you realise! They rush back from school and can’t wait to call you, to hear your voice on the other end of the phone. But sometimes, the time difference ends up confusing them. Not anymore! Zoop’s digital watches now have the dual time feature which will let your child set the clock as per the time zone you are in too! That way, he will know exactly when is the best time to call you and you can spend some quality time listening about his day at school!


Zoop digital watch girls pink


You might think that your daily schedule is too full for you to handle, but did you realise it’s almost the same with your children? With school, extra classes, sports trainings, music lessons, arts lessons, homework and other extra-curricular activities; your little one’s life is as choc-a-bloc as yours! But the calendar feature in the new Zoop digital watches is perfect for helping her keep track of dates and days. Now she won’t mistake Tuesday for Wednesday and end up carrying the wrong books to school anymore!


Zoop digital watch girls green

Water Resistance

There are rarely any children who don’t love water. Be it their regular swimming classes or beach vacations with the family, they love spending time in water! And that’s precisely why the new Zoop digital watches have an impressive water-resistant quality. Now, you don’t have to worry about your kids wearing their watches into the water by mistake. They can now be their whimsical, care-free self and jump right in with their timepieces on! In fact, it’ll help them keep track of time during those swimming lessons too!


With so many cool features, not to mention the stylish colors and smart design, of the new Zoop digital watches, there’s no reason why your child shouldn’t be flaunting one of these! Get your hands on these cool watches and give your smart kid a smart new accessory that’ll come to his/her aide in more ways than one!


Digital Watches For Smart Kids
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