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The social life of most people nowadays revolves largely around the occasion of “eating out”. Going out for a meal with family or friends doesn’t only mean fancy dinners or lunch parties anymore. There are various types of meals you can enjoy – some, even at your home, if you are entertaining – with your near & dear ones. But, these occasions also call for dressing up appropriately, more than you actually realise. Here’s a lowdown on how to style your looks for various meal settings, and have fun while looking your fashionable best!

BRUNCH look watch pendant

pendant Watch

Brunches are what laid back Sundays are made of. Waking up later than other days and skipping breakfast to catch up with your closest friends over a lazy Brunch is what describes the best of Sundays. This meal, that is a combination of breakfast and lunch, consists of light and easy food – like salads, soups, pastas, breads, eggs, sausages, dim sums, pancakes, fruits, and desserts – and is generally accompanied by champagne or light cocktails. For this occasion, you can bring out your most vibrant summery dress, preferably in floral or tropical prints, and pair it with stylish accessories, such as a dainty diamond pendant or a watch with a bright-colored dial. Keep the accessories elegant, yet eye-catching so that they complement your cheery outfit, while making a statement of their own.


BBQ look watch ring

BBQ look watch ring BBQ look watch ring

Those who love good food, great company and the outdoors, definitely like to host or attend a barbecue lunch party with family & friends. It offers the chance to gorge on a range of grilled or roasted delicacies – from juicy steaks and sausages to grilled vegetables and corn. Barbecue luncheons are generally held at someone’s backyard or rooftop, with the cooking done on slow fires in barbecue grills, along with generous helpings of beer, snacks, laughter and gossip. You can keep the look cool and casual, with a denim shirt thrown over your favourite distressed jeans and booties. Just accessorize with a simple yet stylish timepiece or a statement finger ring, and add some oomph to your laidback attire. Keeping it casual, yet fashionable is the ideal way to nail the perfect barbecue-party look.


HIGH TEA look watch earrings

earrings watch

Essentially British in spirit, the concept of a high tea has caught on with the rest of the world over the years. This classy meal – mostly among ladies – consists of a lavish spread of cakes, pastries, scones, muffins, croissants and various other confections, along with tea or coffee. This late-afternoon or early-evening occasion demands you to look your classiest best. So, you can opt for an elegant silk dress and nude pumps, accentuated by a sleek rose gold watch and dainty diamond earrings. Make sure your accessories are subtle and graceful enough to add to your demure, ladylike look for the occasion. Keeping it classy and a tad bit English in vibe is what looks best for this kind of meal.


AL FRESCO look watch earrings

eaerrings watch Dining out has always been an exciting form of social occasion for people. But did you know that there’s a new way of enjoying your dinner, called al fresco dining? “Al fresco” meaning ‘in the cool’ in Italian, refers to fancy dinner parties held in open-air spaces, generally with a sumptuous buffet spread. With tables & chairs set up under the cool night air, and pretty décor and lightings to amp up the scene, this kind of meal makes for an enjoyable evening out with your family or that special someone. Dressing up for an al fresco dinner means bringing out your most elegant LBD or evening dress and flaunting it with an embellished watch that makes for a trendy & stylish arm candy, head-turning statement jewellery like gold danglers or a gorgeous diamond necklace, and your sassiest pair of heels. A glamorous statement look is what will make you stand out in the dinner crowd, so dress up and dine in style!



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