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Firsts are always special to us. It is a new chapter added to our life. Every new beginning invites best wishes and good lucks from our friends and family. Also, it is so close to our heart that we do not miss this opportunity to reward ourselves. After all, it counts as one of our achievements!


Akash Krishnan – one such spirited youth, was about to kick-start his career with his first job. The new job was all the more exciting to him as it gave wings to his travel dreams. He got the opportunity to travel to Delhi for an onsite project work.


Though he didn’t have any particular fascination for watches but during this official stint, he missed wearing one. This being his first job, Akash was keen on a product that complemented his looks and reflected his smart attitude.


Akash went on an online watch hunting spree which ended with Titan E-Store where he found the one with a brown dial that rightly suited his personality and budget. “Wow this is something nice!” was the first thing that popped in his mind. Being a brand that is trusted by generations, Akash has seen his father and grandfather to be a loyal follower of Titan. Hence, the quality was not a concern for him.


However, the fix was that he had only 2 days in hand before he left for Delhi and was unsure if the product would be delivered in such short span of time. Also, due to the dearth of time it was not possible for him to visit a store physically to make the purchase. He was in love with the product he finalised; the idea of buying something else was simply not possible.


Akash decided to reach out to the customer care at Titan and requested them to get the product delivered at the earliest. The Titan team, being the one who really cares about their customer’s needs lived up to the request and made sure the product was delivered within the requested time period.


Akash was much satisfied with both – the product and the customer service. His exhausting search for the perfect one ended up on Titan page and he shared his happiness with us: “Ever since I have looked for one but nothing caught my eye, even after looking through at-least 100 of them, one final day I ended up on Titan page just browsing as usual when I finally found a brown dial which was just perfect for me. So yeah that’s pretty much it!”


Well, we at Titan are equally happy to be a witness to the start of his amazing professional journey and look forward to serving him at different stages of his life. All the best!



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