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The Shukla family were all set to take off on a much-needed family vacation to Thailand – their first one in years; and boy did they want this vacation to be perfect. The weeks and months leading up to this vacation had been filled with meticulous planning – when was the best time to go; which were the best travel deals available; what were the best places to stay; what would the weather be like; what would we wear and so much more. There were lists and memos and plans that were chalked out to make sure this vacation was everything they had dreamed of and much more.

But even when you make sure all your plans are in place, some details might slip out of your hand and that’s exactly what happened with the Shuklas! A week before their trip, the family realised that none of them owned a pair of 100% UV protection sunglasses. They still had a week for finding a pair of sunglasses each. And after wearing Titan watches for years on end, sunglasses from Fastrack were naturally their first choice. Their hectic work schedule meant that they could only visit Titan’s retail outlets on the weekend and that was cutting it a little closer than they would prefer.

Being a pro online shopper, Mehul Shukla’s daughter, Mangalika suggested the idea of an online purchase. Given the time constraints, this seemed to be the best option. His daughter immediately fired up her system and started to browse through the sunglasses on the official website of Titan.

“That’s a wide range,” remarked Mrs. Shukla. “Do you think we’ll be able to find what we need?”

In answer, Mangalika set up the smart filters on the website to browse through sunglasses that fulfilled her exact requirements – cat eyed for her, round glasses for her mother and a fancy pair of sunglasses for her brother. She quickly found a few pairs of sunglasses that she absolutely loved – the virtual try-on feature even helped her understand whether the sunglasses would suit her face. A few tries later, Mangalika had zeroed in on a pair of sunglasses that were perfect for her. Next, her parents tried a few pairs of sunglasses; to her surprise, her mother liked a pair of sunglasses with flash lens. “Why should I have to play my age all the time?” her mom smiled.

Only when her father selected a pair of sunglasses for himself did Mangalika realize that they just had a week to leave for their tropical adventure. Would the sunglasses be delivered by then? The delivery date set by the website was 5 days but Mangalika had experienced shopping on other e-commerce platforms before – delivery was always unpredictable and whenever there was a delay, the e-commerce platform would blame the company handling logistics and vice versa.

“Can we request them to make an urgent delivery?” her father asked.

So, Mangalika wrote to Titan with details of her order and requested that they deliver the product at the earliest. To her surprise, one of our customer service executives wrote to her in record time and assured her that he would personally make sure the sunglasses reach her earlier than the stipulated date.

Mangalika was pleasantly surprised when the ordered pairs of sunglasses arrived within 48 hours of placing the order, all in perfect condition and all delivered just as promised.

On asking them about their experience of shopping with Titan’s e-retail, here’s what they had to say: “We as a family prefer shopping online rather than physical retail shops. Therefore, it’s obvious that we are regular online buyers. We have tried so many sites but the kind of services Titan gave us, impressed us to the core. They adhered to our request of early delivery and communicated with us in a polite manner. Needless to say, the products are as good as we expected them to be, given that they are from Titan. We recommend the site to people repeatedly as shopping with Titan gives us pleasure.”

Nevertheless, the family is looking great in all their selfies in Thailand. How do we know? She just tweeted a picture of her family vacation in their new pairs of sunglasses!


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