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It’s the same old story each morning. You’re standing in front of a mirror thinking this is as good as it’s going to get. Each day is another attempt to accessorize better, one day
with a pair of smart chinos, another with that smart shirt in checks everybody loves.
Do you know what is the issue with an office that doesn’t adhere to a dress code? You
just don’t know what to wear; and this isn’t just limited to women because men face this
issue too.


Take Abhiram for instance. You would think someone like Abhiram, an engineer by profession, would generally follow boring trends and stick to classics that allegedly never go out of
style. Contrary to this, Abhiram is very particular about his dressing style and always feels that a combination of all little things, like clothes, footwear, bags, watches etc., is imperative to achieve that remarkable persona. “These things can give you the desired look and I am quite sure that when you know you look great, your self-confidence scale totally hits the roof,” says Abhiram from his experience.

2 Now when an office follows a strict dress code, anybody would find it difficult to break out from the clutter, but what happens in an office where there is no formal dress code? Abhiram works for such an organization and there aren’t enough ideas or for that matter, enough time to accessorize every day.


He had plenty of all the other stuff, except for one; a good office bag with a classy design. He needed something contemporary, something easy to maintain and something that wouldn’t take all the attention away from him and yet, something that would complement his style. With enough work on his plate, browsing through varied shops to get the perfect piece
was not seemingly a great option.


One day while browsing online, he happened to check Titan E-Store and decided to give it a try. In a few minutes Abhiram found himself browsing through the largest range of laptop bags from Fastrack he could find online.

Obviously with a range so wide, he was sure he would be lost. But the smart filters on the website came to his rescue; which helped him narrow down his search to bags that would perfectly complement his personality sorting by colour, size, style, price range and even discount.


Within few minutes, Abhiram found a bag that suited his style and fit in his price range. He even had the choice to have the bag delivered or if he was in a rush, find a store where he could get the bag. Abhiram chose for a delivery and within a few days, he was flaunting a brand new laptop bag – it was the right colour, it was the right fit and it was definitely something that suited his style.


What happened next? Judging by the compliments Abhiram is still receiving, we can say the new office fashion icon is a happy man!



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