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Big, bold, and beautiful – diamonds aren’t meant to be stored away in lockers. Get those beauties out. Wear them. Flaunt them. Don’t wait for that special day. Instead, make every day special! Let your precious stones make an appearance every now and then. Diamonds can turn ‘simple’ into ‘stunning’ and take you from ‘casual’ to ‘classy’ in no time. Here are a few ways to create everyday looks that are larger-than-life.

Look 1 – Stones and denims
Add diamonds to denims and what you have is a new kind of classic. Pair your shirt with diamond studs and you’re all set to hit lunch, in style. Team a denim tunic with a thin bracelet and you’ve just created a new look for movie nights. For someone who isn’t fashion-savvy, this neat combination is very hard to get wrong and delivers a perfect balance of casual elegance.

Dazzle with Diamonds_Denim

White Gold Topaz Stud Earrings Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle Yellow, White and Rose Gold Diamond Oval Bangle Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

Look 2 – Tease them with tees
When that big date night is around the corner and the wardrobe collection doesn’t help much, don’t fret! There’s an easy solution. Pull on that striped tee or a v-neck sweater and pump up the look with a splendid solitaire pendant. The stone does not only improve the style factor but also adds to it, and voila – a regular t-shirt with skinny jeans is all you need to turn heads.

Dazzle with Diamonds_Tee and Pendant

Yellow & White Gold Pendant Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant Yellow Gold Pendant White Gold Diamond Pendant


Look 3 – A beautiful mess
Sometimes over-doing it can be just right. Trend alert – the stacked look is doing the rounds. Layer up gold bangles with a diamond one. Your engagement ring doesn’t need to sit alone; add a platinum band along with it. Mix pearls with that diamond pendant. Experiment! Play with different looks, and then define your own.

Dazzle with Diamonds_Beautiful Mess

Yellow Gold Diamond Finger Ring Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle White Gold Diamond Finger Ring

Look 4 – Diamonds at work
Just as formal clothing has experienced a wave of change, going from stiff and boring to modern and colourful, so has jewellery trends. This means that diamond hoops can absolutely rock with a crisp white shirt or a black blazer. A solid blouse and trousers can also look fabulous with a chunky cocktail ring. Give workwear an interesting twist with diamonds.

Dazzle with Diamonds_Diamonds at Work

White Platinum Diamond Earring Gold Topaz Hoop Earrings White Gold Diamond Finger Ring White Gold Diamond Finger Ring


Look 5 – Play it up
Going to watch a game of golf or polo? An evening stroll in the park? Why not perk it up with diamonds? Team straw hats and a summer dress with tear-drop earrings. Opt for a fine bracelet or diamond studs with a casual jersey. Take your look to a whole new level with accessories. Play it up!

Dazzle with Diamonds_Play it up

Yellow and Rose Gold Diamond Drop Earrings http://www.titan.co.in/mia/product/mia-14kt-yellow-gold-diamond-and-amethyst-drop-earrings-with-circular-design/552811DJPABA52_2JA000044 White Platinum Diamond Earring Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

It’s not just that diamonds are precious. They can save the day by being every girl’s quick-fix solution. Give it a go. Do you have more styling ideas? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, let the diamonds keep working its charm.

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